How Netflix New Feature “Love This” Could Save Your Favorite Content From Cancellation?

Netflix is one of the most popular and technical online streaming platforms, with thousands of titles for global viewers to watch. In addition to that, Netflix is continually testing and rolling out new features to enhance the viewer’s experience.

The good news is that Netflix is rolling out its new feature, “Love This,” on desktops and web browsers. Keep reading to learn how to reap maximum benefits of the new features to watch your favorite movies and dramas on Netflix.

Everything About Netflix New Feature “Love This”

Netflix has deployed a smart algorithm to present relevant content to the viewers by allowing them to give their ratings about the shows and movies. As a result, you have the following two choices to make for a particular show:

  • I Like this – Thumbs up if you find the show interesting
  • Not for me – Thumbs down if you don’t like the movie

Once you give any of the above ratings, the Netflix algorithm presents the relevant movie options on your main algorithm. However, Netflix has now added a third choice named “Love This,” displayed as two thumbs up.

These extra thumbs help Netflix personalize the algorithm to offer better movie options to the viewers based on their liking and preference.

Netflix keeps on increasing the online content daily, and as a result, this new feature will undoubtedly benefit the viewers by presenting newer options on top. You can also use this feature to unblock favorite Netflix content available in any region.


You must be wondering why Netflix has to add two thumbs up in addition to the existing binary options. It’s because the existing options the two options certainly help in personalizing the Netflix dashboard for the viewers.

However, it’s not just about the likes and dislikes; Netflix has to go an extra mile to understand the viewers’ feelings to offer them content that they’ll enjoy.

Using this new feature, the subscribers can further refine their Netflix recommendations. Furthermore, they can use the like and dislike button to fine-tune the recommended movies list.

However, this feature is currently available on laptops and desktops, and Netflix hasn’t revealed its further rollout to mobile phones and Smart TVs.

New Feature is All About Decision-Making

Around 117.58 million Netflix subscribers watch 140 million hours of content. It means an average user spends one hour and 11 minutes daily watching movies or shows on Netflix. However, viewers spend 19 minutes on average browsing through the title selection, which is phenomenal.

The Netflix new feature facilitates the viewers in their daily decision-making process to minimize the navigation time by presenting the most relevant options right on the top.

Gauging Viewer’s Preferences

Netflix asked the users to give ratings on a standard five-star mechanism in its initial days. However, Siskel & Ebert-style thumbs replaced the old rating around five years ago in 2017.

Replacing five stars with binary thumbs up and down increased the rating activity to 200 percent, which is excellent. Furthermore, now the two thumbs up further fine-tune the show’s recommendation for the subscribers.

As a result, the Netflix algorithm offers more specific content based on what viewers love to watch instead of simply liking a particular movie. So, for instance, if you love Bridgerton, Netflix will present the movies and shows starring the cast from Shondaland. How cool is that!

Besides the like, dislike, and love options, Netflix also uses other algorithms to gauge the viewers’ preferences.

For instance, the online streaming service keeps a separate record “View” if the subscriber watches a minimum of two minutes of a particular title. Furthermore, in October 221, Netflix upgraded the criteria to rank the titles based on the total number of minutes watched online.

Are you wondering that Netflix has so many algorithms to capture the viewers liking and disliking, so why add another “Love This” feature?

Netflix focuses on elevating viewers’ experience by capturing their enthusiasm, emotions, and feelings about different shows and movies.

The above algorithms are efficient; however, the two-thumbs-up feature emphasizes that the subscriber enjoyed watching a particular title.

Final Thoughts

Netflix certainly leaves no stone unturned to enhance the viewer’s experience. It has added this new feature, “Love This,” allowing the subscribers to give their verdict about the content displayed on their main dashboard.

The advanced algorithms help the streaming services learn about the viewers’ genuine emotions regarding the online content instead of simply rating them with thumbs up or down.

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