Are online casinos allowed in the USA?

With the parabolic rise of the online gambling industry, many states in the US are changing their laws allowing more breathability for online gambling businesses. With that said, online casinos are still not allowed in every state in the United States.

This fast-moving industry pushed by the high demand of the people might force state officials to soften their restrictions on online gambling.

However, it is worth mentioning that online casinos are allowed and legal in plenty of states in the US. Click here to find out more on how these operate.

Some of the states like Pennsylvania that are operating in the green when it comes to online casinos are breaking records in terms of revenue with over $142.7 million in a month, followed by Michigan with 131.7 million and New Jersey with $140.7 million.

You can check this map to see what is the current state in each territory of the USA.

Where Online Gambling is Allowed in the United States?


Arkansas allows online casinos to operate as well as online sports betting passed in March this year. The only legal online sportsbook in the states is Saracen Casino which works on getting its online platform ready for launch.


This state-managed to legalize online casinos and online sports betting in May 2021. Since then, two retail sportsbooks have opened and a couple of online casinos entered the industry. They started with a  soft launch and a testing period, and seven days later online gambling was available for the general public.


Delaware has legalized all online gambling activities and offers online poker and other casino games to its residents and visitors. Delaware is probably the most forward-thinking state in the US when it comes to online gambling as they allow almost all forms of online betting.


Illinois started softening its look on gambling in 2020 when the first online sportsbook launched. Originally, the state only allowed sportsbooks for online betting and didn’t allow online casino gambling. However, after the Covid-19 hit, they were forced to allow remote registration and online gambling.


Government officials in Michigan managed to pass a vote on the legalization of online gambling in 2019 and since then it has been the leading market in online gambling in the US. Michigan was the fourth state to legalize all three verticals which is why it became one of the most popular ones.

New Jersey

New Jersey is currently the largest market for regulated online gambling in the US with a total worth of more than $225 million per year. New Jersey has legalized all online betting and gambling activities and there are a number of different sportsbooks and online casinos you can play your favorite games at.


Pennsylvania became the fourth-biggest state with the most forward-thinking model when it comes to online gambling. All online betting and gambling activities are legal in this state and the popularity is the highest its ever been breaking revenue records every month.

West Virginia

After passing a law in 2019 West Virginia allowed all forms of online betting and gambling. One of the most popular sportsbooks is DraftKings launched a couple of months after they declared online gambling activities legal.

States that are Considering Legalizing Online Gambling

There are a couple of states that are considering legalizing online gambling just because they wouldn’t want to miss on the huge revenue potential. Here are some that might legalize online gambling very soon.


Even though California has been trying to legalize online gambling for the past decade, it seems like they are finally on the right path and inching closer to full online gambling legalization. Most officials have a harsh look at the online casino betting but a softer look on the sports betting market


Both chambers of the legislature have already passed versions of the bill that will legalize online and retail sports betting. With that said, the state is also considering legalizing online casino gambling, but we will see if that happens.


In the past couple of years, Massachusetts has been trying to work its way and legalize online gambling. In the past couple of months, the state Gaming Commission has been increasingly vocal about this issue and we hope that they legalize online gambling very soon.

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