Heroic Publishing presents the thrilling conclusion to the League of Champions / Reiki crossover

Dennis Mallonee and Heroic Publishing present the League of Champions and the Reiki Warriors together in the third and final chapter of “Kansas: The Altered State.”




It’s the third and final chapter of the League of Champions / Reiki Warriors crossover event!

It started in League of Champion #17. It continued in Murcielaga She-Bat #18. Now it’s the LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS and the REIKI WARRIORS together in the book-length, 25-page final chapter of their three-part crossover adventure.

While Icestar, Murcielaga She-Bat, and Jay-Na the Jungle Queen deal with the ongoing threat of dinosaurs rampaging in Kansas, Reiki, Giant, and Silhouette travel to Korea to take on Hoodoo, Howdoo, and Steve, the trio of crazy sorcerers responsible for this time-shifted mess.

League of Champions #18 is by Daerick Gross Sr (The Vampire Lestat, Excalibur, Lady Death), Dennis Mallonee (Southern Knights, Flare, Liberty Girl), and Henry Martinez (Ghost Rider, Mantra, Blood of Dracula), based on an original idea by Daerick Gross Sr and Bradley Parker. The story has been written and drawn, but there’s still a bit of inking and a whole lot of color work still to do. The instant that work is complete, this issue of League of Champions will go straight to the printer.

You can help this project reach fruition simply by contributing to Heroic Publishing’s current Kickstarter campaign and choosing one of the available reward options.

League of Champions #18 will be available as a stand-alone reward option, either in digital or physical format.

If you’d like to get a complete set of all three crossover issues, that’s also an option, again either in digital or physical format. This set of three issues will include League of Champions #17, Murcielaga She-Bat #18, and League of Champions #18.

And there are other rewards available, including original artwork from Henry Martinez!

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