Title: The O.Z. # 1
Publisher: David Pepose
Created/Written by: David Pepose
Art by: Ruben Rojas
Colors by: Whitney Cogar
Lettering by: DC Hopkins
Cover by: Ruben Rojas
Variant Covers by: Rio Burton, Kenneth Wagnon, Maan-House and Anna Wieszczyk
Dorothy Pin-Up by: Claudia Balboni and Elizabeth Kramer
Price: $ 10.00 US (digital), $ 20.00 Us (paperback)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Dorothy Gale and her Grandmother Dorothy who inspired her live together. Dorothy Gale served her country and now she struggles with what she saw and lived through. Now her life takes another turn perhaps just when she needed it most.
Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore. She lands in a battle of flying monkeys vs scarecrows. This Dorothy has landed in a war zone.
We are introduced briefly to a few of the players in this story. We see to Dorothy is in Oz and yes there is a big-headed Wizard.
The Scarecrow now has become the ultimate villain he is a war-mongering mad genius. So the Tin Soldier and Dorothy must unit under the guidance of a most unexpected being. Dorothy a former soldier must become one again to save Oz.
There is a touching scene as one friend remembers another and is glad to also find out they are remembered.
The art is gorgeously presented as we see an Oz that has suffered from war. The characters are portrayed to show they are soldiers fighting in this war. The citizens we see are poor wretches that do need a protector to fight for them.
As Dorothy sees how bad off OZ truly is she feels it in her heart and soul and she knows she can not stand by and do nothing. Then things really heat up. Dorothy is ready to kick some flying monkey butt. She and the Tin Soldier deliver one fastball special. This battle is pure explosive energy. Dorothy gives no quarter and asks none. The emotions are high and the fighting intensified.
Dorothy has returned to Oz for the first time and it will never be the same again.
The thrills and excitement are taking you down the yellow brick road on a journey that will deliver everything you could want and then some. Come visit Oz and be stunned.

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