GOLDEN AGE REVIEWS: Jackpot Comics #5

ImageHere’s my review of one of them, JACKPOT COMICS #5. My opinions on the strips individually:

STEEL STERLING; Very interesting story. The early part of this story was probably inspired by the real-life mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty and its aftermath in which the mutineers led by Fletcher Christian later colonized Pittcairn Island. And once again Irv Novick delivers on the artwork.

CLANCY & LOONEY; This story showed that could carry a strip on their own. And they did it in grand style on this tongue-in-cheek story.

THE BLACK HOOD; The strip was hitting its stride around this time with the Black Hood involved in one of those clever mysteries that Batman and the Hangman were solving around this time. And Warren King did a great job on this story.

ARCHIE: What can I say? Another memorable supporting character (Mr. Weatherbee) introduced and another classic Archie situation is born!

MR. JUSTICE; Another excellent story featuring MLJ’s Ghostly Guardian. And Warren King did quite well subbing for Sam Cooper on this tale.

SERGEANT BOYLE; What can I say? Another great story.

Put this all together and you have another classic MLJ comic.

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