Discover SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS) on comiXology this week!

If you blend one part Calvin & Hobbes, a dash of Puss in Boots and a spoonful of Peter Pan, you get this epic tale!

SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS) (Digital-First)
Writer(s): Christopher Ring

Artist Name(s): Christopher Ring

Cover Artist(s): Christopher Ring
66 pgs./ E / FC

The creator-owned Action Lab: Discover book SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS) releases this week on comiXology! Everyday objects spark imagination as we follow Seamus and his snarky cat Fitcher on the first of many adventures. The duo lead a crew of affable pirates in search of the legendary treasure of Gunnar Forkbeard. It’s a race full of boobytraps, monstrous creatures and humor as Seamus and Fitcher pit themselves against Captain Barracuda and his nefarious crew of The Greythorn.

Writer/artist Christopher Ring says, “Each book will feature a new adventure, from swashbuckling pirates to a galactic space race to a steampunk mystery and beyond!” He continues, “I want the reader to connect with the characters. I want young people to say “Hey, that’s me!” and I want older readers to remember those days.”

In SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS), Ring combines the fast-paced action and comedic timing of sequential art with the charm and magic of children’s books. “Never be ashamed of being a daydreamer, imagination is key to so much of what life has to offer,” he says.

So pre-order SEAMUS (THE FAMOUS), an adventure filled with pirates and fantasy, on comiXology this Wednesday, 4/15/2020!

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