Flamewrite Entertainment Founder Johnathan Naranjo’s New Graphic Novel Raises Funds for Mental Health Awareness

— Inspired by Personal Tragedy, Latino Author’s New Graphic Novel Uses Pop Culture to Support Mental Health Awareness —

— Pre-Release Launches During Hispanic Heritage Month —

— Supporting Mental Health Through Pop Culture! —

MIAMI, FL – October 13, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) – FLAMEWRITE ENTERTAINMENT Founder, Johnathan Naranjo, will be releasing his first Graphic Novel, titled, SHADOW SYNDICATE CHASIN FILE, based on an upcoming Live Action Film of the same name. The Book and Film are part of an Action Film Franchise Project, titled, “SHADOW SYNDICATE “GODS OF GOD” אֱלֹהֵינוּ ה’ אֶחָד.

FLAMEWRITE ENTERTAINMENT is a minority owned and driven multi-platform, virtual, and consumer goods entertainment company. The brand strives to bring more diversity and inclusion to the entertainment industry and wants to show the importance of minority-owned businesses and creatives within the entertainment space.

“It is very important to us that we showcase the diversity and empowerment of creating intellectual property such as the SHADOW SYNDICATE CHASIN FILE Graphic Novel to young minority creatives so that they can be encouraged to achieve these types of amazing accomplishments themselves”, Naranjo said.

In the company’s Graphic Novel debut, Naranjo felt he needed to use his platform to support a cause that hit close to home. A single father of two, Naranjo, unfortunately, lost the mother of his children to PTSD/Depression, while she served in the US Army. He felt compelled to dedicate his upcoming book release to help raise money for an important cause, Mental Health Awareness, to support our many Men and Women in uniform and their families.

The upcoming Graphic Novel’s Pre-Release will be done through a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign, for the month of October and possibly also November. The graphic novel will be available in Spanish and Portuguese.

“In this call to action, we hope to reach not just Pop Culture Fans and Enthusiasts, but people of all walks of life”, Naranjo said. “Supporters and Large Philanthropists are urged to pledge whatever amount they can”.

There will be many Reward Tiers for our supporters, some of which will Only Be Available in this Pre-Release. Everything from different exciting Variant Covers of the Graphic Novel to a T-Shirt, designed by Johnathan Naranjo and the book’s illustrator Caanan White, specifically to support Mental Health Awareness.

Once the campaign reaches its initial goal, Stretch Goals will be unlocked, which will provide more Reward Tiers and Perks, while helping to raise as much money as possible for this important cause.

When / How to Support The Graphic Novel Pre-Release

SHADOW SYNDICATE CHASIN FILE kicked off at the beginning of October via Kickstarter.com. You can go directly to this link here (http://kck.st/3mzq5X8). Supporters will have several options to choose from to Donate and Support our cause. We ask our supporters to not only donate, but to help spread the word, via the link provided to all their friends, family, and colleagues. This would mean a great deal to us and to those we wish to help through our campaign.

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