New Anthology Seeking Applicants

Arledge Comics has officially opened submissions for their latest anthology; “Adorable Assistants: Tails Behind the Art”! They want your illustrations, comics, and short stories about your furry, feathery, and scaley friends who support you through thick and thin and aid in your creative processes.

Comic teams, solo artists and writers, and short story writers are all encouraged to submit your adorable stories and art. They are also looking for merch artists for bookmarks, stickers, prints, and more for merch designs! Need another reason to join? All positions for the anthology are paid and each contributor will receive a copy of the book! Funding will be provided through the anthology’s Kickstarter campaign, which will be launched in summer 2023.

Adorable Assistants is being published through their Editing Mentorship Program. Here you will learn all about the magic that happens behind-the-scenes of an anthology! Back in April of this year, there was interest for the mentorship program from creators who wanted to start anthologies of their own. Now, the goal is to be able to provide Arledge Comics’ lead editor, Maria Pellegrino, an easier ability to organize future Arledge Comics anthologies.

“I applied to this mentorship at a time in my life when my first year of college was cut short, and all my friends turned into boxes on a computer screen. I was applying for every anthology/zine/webcomic I could to help fill some gaps that quarantine brought up. What appealed to me most about the opportunity that Arledge’s mentorship was that I could propose the theme of the project, that I could make the project I always wanted to be a part of.

My biggest inspiration through the last year was my puppy. Wentworth was a way to trick myself into selfcare, and to make a little bit of happiness where there wasn’t for a while. I also realized just how important pets are to artists like myself, when I wasn’t the only one of my peers including our animal companions in our self-portraits and biographies. Both as a creator and an overbearing dog mom, I loved sharing art and stories about Wentworth, and hearing back about other’s animals.

The artist’s adorable assistant is just as much a vital part of the creation as the tools used to create it. And I really feel that this anthology project will be an amazing way to showcase that. I’m so incredibly thankful for this project providing some structure during some difficult times. I am so ready to get to know everyone’s pets!” Maria Pellegrino, who is in charge of organizing the anthology, states about the anthology.

The lead editor for Adorable Assistants is Maria Pellegrino, with supporting editors Jordaan Arledge and Natalie Cooper, who previously edited “My Kingdom”.
Further details about Adorable Assistants can be found on their website ( and applications close on December 1st, 2021.

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