REVIEW CORNER: Failed Universe # 1

Failed Universe # 1
Writer: Cliff MacGillivray
Penciller: David Cody Weiss
Inker: Michael Kelley
Cover Date: December 1986
This week, I’ll take a look at an independent comic that seems to be overlooked but is a fun read from beginning to end: Failed Universe from Blackthorne Publishing.

A little backstory- Back in 1986, Jim Shooter, the then editor-of-chief of Marvel Comics needed something big and spectacular to commemorate Marvel’s 25th anniversary since DC got the ball rolling on revamping their line of comics due to the success of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” as well as John Byrne’s acclaimed relaunch of Superman which came after; So instead of following DC’s blueprint of doing a complete relaunch, Shooter decided to create an entirely new imprint called…….wait for it…… The New Universe! It was designed to be the world outside our window, but with their budget (Which was used to bring in some big-name creators) cut in half and the books falling off the radar, The New Universe officially became a gigantic bust when it folded in 1989.

With “Failed Universe”, this one-shot takes such a comedic jab at The New Universe with ease as such titles as “Star Brand”, “Mark Hazzard: Merc”, “D.P.7”, “Justice”, “Nightmask”. “Psi-Force” and “Spitfire And The Troubleshooters” are ridiculed to the point where you can’t help but laugh out loud, but I also like how elements of “MAD Magazine” and National Lampoon’s are brought together so that this can be an unforgettable title, and in a weird way it does a good job of showing how comic book companies can come out with the “next big thing” only to not have it connect with the audience they’re trying to reach.

The New Universe will forever go down as one of the biggest failures in Marvel history but thanks to this one-shot, its reputation took a huge hit with the contents of this comic but I do feel it’s for the better since the imprint failed to leave a lasting impression and because of Failed Universe, will forever be the butt of many jokes.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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