Fastnachtspiel – omnibus edition

There’s a city at the end of time. A city where the metaphysical intertwines with the grotesque. A city where the laws of physics and biology seem to work in a completely different way. A city one cannot escape. A city inhabited by The Man with a Strange Gaze, archangel Rivanol, the Singers, Sigmund the Golem and many other extraordinary occupants. A city ruled by the Astonishing Mayor. A city with an active Martyrs Anonymous Society. A city illuminated by a mechanical moon. A city where Tobias the Cursed prowls the streets. A city where…

A city where Fastnachtspiel takes place.

This edition includes all five issues of Fastnachtspiel (including #5, previously unpublished) and extras.

Marek Turek (Bellmer. Niebiografia, NeST, Wydział 7) is one of Poland’s most imaginative comic book artists. Fastnachtspiel is his greatest work – over 300 pages of anxiety, fear, subtle dread, Kafka-esque moods and surrealism, enclosed in his striking black and white art.

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