Comic Book Cats, number 122: Black Cat Mystery Comics #31

Comic Book Cats, number 122: Black Cat Mystery Comics #31, cover artwork by Al Avison, published by Harvey Comics in October 1951.

I recently spotlighted Black Cat. In the early 1950s, with superheroes on the wane, the series was re-titled Black Cat Mystery Comics starting with issue #29, and with issue #30 it became a horror anthology. This cover to issue #31 features some vivid horror imagery, including a giant black cat.

It is generally believed that Al Avison was the artist who drew this cover. Avison had previously worked on a number of titles and characters for Timely Comics during the 1940s. He became one of the primary Captain America artists after Joe Simon & Jack Kirby departed. Avison also drew the Vision, the Blond Phantom, the Young Allies, and the Whizzer, the last of whom he co-created.

Avison was also drawing for Harvey Comics during this period, and he continued to receive work from them thru to 1954, at which point he left the comic book industry. He passed away in December 1984 at the age of 64.

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