Dan Mendoza talks about the new Zombie Tramp Kickstarter

Dan Mendoza has been a long-time friend of First Comics News. We have covered his work on Zombie Tramp, DollFace, and Sad Girl Psycho Baby. He has a new Zombie Tramp comic hitting Kickstarter starting October 21st. As he is getting ready for the big launch he stopped by First Comics News to update our readers on what to expect from the Kickstarter.

First Comics News: For fans new to Zombie Tramp who is Janey?

Dan Mendoza: Jany Belle is the Main Character in the Series Zombie Tramp about an ex Hollywood call girl to the stars that gets bit by a voodoo-infused zombie one night when she is set up to be food by her deceitful Madame. She is reborn as an undead witch that is not only bent on revenge on the people that wronged her but revenge on the world for being so shitty.

1st: How did you get Janey back?

Dan: After a 3 year battle with Action Lab over the Publishing rights, the Company and I came to an agreement and we settled with me getting full rights back. I believe Action Labs Final issue will be 84. (see link of the press release we did on First Comics News.) https://www.firstcomicsnews.com/dan-mendoza-action-lab-join-statement-on-zombie-tramp/

1st: Are you going to deal with the fact that she died and was replaced?

Dan: Fans will have to wait and see where the new stories go.

1st: What is going to be in the story in the Kickstarter?

Dan: This is a mixture of an Epilogue that takes place after issue 56 of Zombie tramp that we are calling 56B and a Prologue that sets the tone of the next story arc. we are calling this issue “Epilogue before the Rampage”.

1st: Will Zombie Tramp interact with other characters in your universe?

Dan: Yes. Zombie Tramp definitely will be interacting with the other characters that we have developed at Still ILL Princess. Those of you that have not yet read our new books are invited to grab our back issues in our online store, www.stillillprincess.com. we have physical issues available as well as digital.

1st: Who do you have lined up for covers?

Dan: The list is epic. are you ready for this list?
Knightmare Lynch
Bill McKay
TM Chu
Genn Barr
Ryan Kincaid
Izik Bell
Alexa Lo
Elias Chatzoudis
El Sevilla
Kendrick Lim
Sun K
Jose Varese
Scott Blair
Xong Brothers
and that guy, Dan Mendoza

1st: What rewards are you planning?

Dan: All Individual artists always get their own reward. we also have Lenticulars, Original Art, t-shirts, hoodies, and also All of the Statues that used to be for sale through Diamond are nowhere at the Still ILL Warehouse and will be sold at a great price on the campaign.

1st: What’s the minimum pledge for a digital copy?

Dan: just $5

1st: What’s the minimum pledge for a physical copy?

Dan: Reward 1 is always our cheapest price for a physical copy of the book. Reward 1’s price on this campaign is $15. Please note that these books are not the low-quality books that you buy at comic shops for $5. These are high-quality books printed on a greater grade of paper through a digital process. they are in no way flimsy.

1st: Now that you’re self-publishing, will Zombie Tramp be available in comic book shops?

Dan: For now, all the new issues that I do will 1st be funded through Kickstarter, and Retailers that want in on those issues will be able to order the back issue cover through me, or if they want their own store exclusive, they can grab the Retailer tier off the Kickstarter for 100 copies of their own cover. We plan to make TPBs later of each story arc and submit those to Diamond for stores to carry.

1st: When does the Kickstarter launch?

Dan: October 21st at 9PM EST. This campaign will only be up for 30 days. We hope to see all Zombie Tramp fans there as we plan for this campaign to be our biggest ever!


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