RICH REVIEWS: TKO Presents: Tales of Terror

Title: TKO Presents: Tales of Terror (GN)
Publisher: TKO Studios
Writers: Liana Kangas, Joe Corallo, Sebastian Girner, Steve Foxe, Rob Pilkington, Alex Paknadel, Erick C. Freitas, Michael Moreci, Kelly Williams
Artists: Paul Azaceta, Baldemar Rivas, Lisandro Estherren, Kit Mills, Jen Hickman, Jelena Đorđević, Jesús Hervás, Ian MacEwan, Kelly Williams
Letters: Jeff Powell, Steve Wands, Hassan Orsamane-Elhaou, Ariana Maher, Simon Bowland, Chas! Pangburn
Cover Art: Gabriel Walta
Cover Design: Jared K. Fletcher
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a horror anthology.
“Seeds of Eden” Elaine is checking up on a new station that is for humans to live on yet something has gone horribly wrong. As Elaine investigates further it becomes more obvious something is way off. Things do mount and tense rises yet there is no punch line. This is a tense story that builds up yet it goes nowhere. The art looks great and does add a nice atmospheric setting for the story.
“The Father of all Things” We see here a teen boy join the army and finds out it is not one thrilling adventure. We see here that war is hell. This young man meets some else in the field. What transpires between them is hard to understand. The art though showing you what war is like does a great job.
“Night Train” Neal has a baby brother Dylan. Neal does live his life and he does suffer but he also has some happiness. Yet he is left with a decision. He makes it to protect his family and also out of curiosity. The mystery and suspense are done well in this tale and the art has a dark side to it that fits the story.
“Roofstompers” A physician finds herself in quite the predicament. Now time travel and vampires have something to do with tis story what though is so impossible to tell. The art needed to be more focused making it clearer.
“River of Sin” Is a Bruja behind the troubles of the townsfolk. Marge, it turns out is a good woman. She also has certain abilities. It turns out the good guy here though is not so good. Nice art showing off the townspeople and others.
“Dame from the Dark” A private eye and a ghost make a newly formed team. She is a beautiful dame. The PI Tommy is cute and basically a nice guy. The spirit helping him can get fierce if she has to.
“The Walk” Divers exploring the ocean bottom run into some trouble. This story is all over the place and needs to focus. The main storyline is told well enough but it does not need the offshoots. The underwater crew walking has a certain mystery to it and the art illustrates the underwater scenes well.
“Killiamsburg” A cold spell gets murderously cold as weird things spring up. These things are killers and look the part they are drawn as scary creatures of the cold. You never do fully get to know what is going on here or why. You do get to see two ex-friends become friends again which is touching.
“Hand Me Down” At a party, a husband is forever changed. Yet the changes do not stop there. Love has a funny way of working things out. This story is full of killing and it is also about love. Love does conquer all.
Yes, this book does have a wide variety of stories that are sure to add a chill or two to your spine.

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