Dan Mendoza and Action Lab Entertainment, Inc. announced today that they have reached an agreement to respectfully part ways on the production of Zombie Tramp, and to place the Zombie Tramp character and story back into its original creator’s hands for the future. Mendoza indicated that “this is a meaningful agreement between me and Action Lab Entertainment, Inc. which allows Zombie Tramp fans to Get Back to the source of what Zombie Tramp was about from its inception — Creepy, Grindhouse Horror with a slice of sexy, with the original Leading Lady that Fans Love — Janey Belle; all written and drawn by me once again. I am happy that Zombie Tramp will be coming home to join all of my new characters at my self-published Label, Still ILL Princess Studios.” He went on to note that “I’m proud of the work we created at Action Lab, but happy to have Zombie Tramp return to my individual and full creative control.” Under the agreement, Action Lab Entertainment, Inc. will finish and release a final seven-issue run of the Zombie Tramp comic book issues it has been producing, which it plans to complete by next summer.

Bryan Seaton

“We are pleased to reach this agreement with Dan Mendoza.  It will allow Zombie Tramp fans to continue to follow Zombie Tramp’s adventures as the title returns to Dan and moves forward, which is how the book and character began” said Bryan Seaton, Action Lab Co-Founder.  “Action Lab is looking forward to giving Zombie Tramp fans a great final hurrah with our final issues, and I would also point out that the original origin story and the entire 84-issue run of Action Lab’s Zombie Tramp will continue to be available in print through Diamond and comic retailers, and digitally through Amazon and Comixology.  We are pleased to have worked with Dan on the Action Lab Zombie Tramp title and look forward to seeing how he will carry the character forward.”

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