Cyber Bullying & Mental Health | NWA Girl Powerrr 001

In the debut episode of NWA Girl Powerrr, Thunder Rosa, Allysin Kay, Marit Belle, Kamille, Mayra Dias Gomes, and Ashley Vox all share their very raw feelings about Cyber Bullying and Mental Health involved in professional wrestling. This show was first made available at Also it’s available on our new podcast channel which you can find here – https://www.nationalwrestlingalliance…

Viewer discretion is advised as serious subjects like circumstances that lead to the passing of Hana Kimura. Thunder Rosa shares her personal relationship with Hana Kimura to open the show. A group discussion then takes place with Thunder Rosa, Allysin Kay, and Marti Belle. You’ll also hear from Kamille, Mayra Dias Gomes (aka May Valentine) and Ashley Vox about the power words have on not only themselves but the community at large.

We hope this episode opens the conversation for more for tolerance and kindness. Please reach out with your stories and thoughts with #GirlPowerrr on all social media.

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