Publisher and Creators Offer Comic Shops Opportunity to Share in Success of The Standalone Graphic Novel Chapter in the Celebrated ‘MOON Trilogy’ 

NEW YORK, NY–As the world of comic book retail begins receiving new product from Diamond Comic Distributors, and many states have begun to reopen around the country, Z2 Comics unveils multiple tiers geared toward comic shops in the Kickstarter campaign for the third chapter of the Duncan Jones directed saga he began with MOON!

In just under two weeks, the campaign has already raised over $275,000, making this one of the most successful comics Kickstarter campaigns in recent history! This unique project pairs Jones with some of the biggest names in comics, as assembled by the multiple-Eisner nominated writer/editor, Alex de Campi, and has now proven to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Duncan Jones says “Growing up, traveling around the world, I often felt a lack of roots. But wherever I ended up, comic stores, from Forbidden Planet in London, to Golden Apple in LA, to the tiny little tucked away 2nd floor comic store whose name I can’t remember on the Rue de Bourg in Lausanne Switzerland, always felt familiar and welcoming.  An extended family of comic lovers.  I feel a deep affection for brick and mortar comic stores and bookstores that carry graphic novels. Alex and I wanted to go the extra mile to make it as easy and affordable as possible for that extended family to be part of our success & carry MADI on their shelves.  We love you, comic stores & we want you to thrive!”

“In a very real way, Orbital Comics in London helped get me back into comics, and (along with GOSH) introduced me to so many works that became fundamental to my storytelling” says Alex de Campi. “Now that I’m in the US, I still get all my comics and some of my prose books via mail order from Escape Pod in Long Island. While MADI is about an alternate future where giant mega-corporations run everything, we stiill have the power to avoid that future by supporting the small businesses that in a very real way made me the writer I am today.”

“We recognize the increased financial pressure that many retailers are under, and therefore wanted to be thoughtful in our timing of rolling out an offering to comic shops and independent booksellers. With two full weeks of new product in stores through Diamond, we hope our friends in the direct market are now able to make these purchasing decisions with confidence” says Z2’s vice president of marketing, Jeremy Atkins. “In addition to a competitive 55% discount, retailers who participate in this campaign will be given the first opportunity at in store events, and all will be invited to participate in an exclusive virtual panel for these stores and their customers the week of release.”

MADI is a 260-page road trip graphic novel set in the future, by film director Duncan Jones (MOONSource Code) and writer Alex de Campi (Bad KarmaBlade Runner), and drawn by some of comics’ most exciting artists including Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Duncan Fegredo and Pia Guerra.

Madi Preston, a veteran of Britain’s elite special operations J-Squad unit, is burnt out and up to her eyeballs in debt. She and the rest of her team have retired from the military but are now trapped having to pay to service and maintain the technology put into them during their years of service.   They’re working for British conglomerate Liberty Inc as mercenaries, selling their unique ability to be remote controlled by specialists while in the field, and the debts are only growing as they get injured completing missions. We meet Madi as she decides she’s had enough.  She will take an off-the-books job that should earn her enough to pay out her and her sister, but when the piece of tech she’s supposed to steal turns out to be a kid, and she suddenly blacks out… she finds herself on the run from everyone she’s ever known.

In a globe-spanning adventure from Shanghai to Soho, Madi has to stay one step ahead of the giant corporations closing in on her from all sides…

MADI will be published in softcover by Z2 Comics in November of 2020 and is now available for comic shops and their customers to preorder in hardcover exclusively through Kickstarter, with a special discount of 55% off of cover pricing with a valid Diamond account number. Further information and details can be found through the Kickstarter page.

The full cast of creatives is as follows: Dylan Teague, Glenn Fabry, Duncan Fegredo, LRNZ, Ed Ocaña, André Araújo, Simon Bisley, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Tonci Zonjic, Pia Guerra, James Stokoe, RM Guéra, Chris Weston,  Rufus Dayglo, Annie Wu, David Lopez and Christian Ward. Our amazing colour team includes Matt Wilson, Nayoung Kim, Chris O’Halloran, Adam Brown, Jake Phillips, Raúl Arnaiz, Giulia Brusco, Sergey Nazarov and Kelly Fitzpatrick. Lettering is by Alex. Excited? Download the first 19 pages of MADI here!

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