Comic Book Cats, number 174: Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular

Comic Book Cats, number 174: Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, drawn by Lee Garbett, written by Mindy Newell, lettered by Tom Napolitano and colored by Alex Sinclair, published by DC Comics in June 2020.

“Little Bird” is set in post-Crisis continuity shortly after Batman: Year One and Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper. Mindy Newell, who wrote the later miniseries, continues her examination of Selina Kyle’s early years. Newell writes Selina as a basically decent person who has led an extremely difficult life, understandably becoming hardened by her experiences, and as a result now walks a razor-thin line of morality and ruthless self-interest.

Here we see Catwoman in her “day job” as a dominatrix taking a break to feed her numerous hungry meowing cats. Selina’s sarcastic comment of “I know, I know. If I had any brains, I’d dump you all in the river” made me laugh, because it oh-so-accurately encapsulates the frustration of everyone who has ever had cats, as we alternate back and forth between “I love my furry little friends soooo much!” and “Oh lord, please shut up already and let me get some sleep!” ????

By the way, as to Selina charging Batman 75 bucks for 15 minutes of his time (relax, he was just there to ask her about a recent robbery he suspects she committed), I also laughed at that. Besides, Batman’s a freaking billionaire; he can afford to pay it!

British comic book artist Lee Garbett has worked on a wide variety of characters and titles: Outsiders, Batgirl and Lucifer for DC, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Loki for Marvel, X-O Manowar for Valiant, and Firefly for Boom Studios, and the creator-owned series Skyward and Shadecraft for Image.

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