RICH REVIEWS: Paper Rock Scissors N. Stuff Wars # 1

Title: Paper Rock Scissors N. Stuff Wars # 1
Publisher: Zelpha Comics
Creator/Writer/Letterer: Luanga Nuwame
Artist/Cover: Hugh Rookwood
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic is based on the game of the same name. The kingdom of Paper has being invaded by Scissors.
Now the Papers seek help and as they explore their world they find other races such as the Plastics and Rocks.  Plus two others Sand and Water. As the story unfolds you find yourself following closely as you want to know more.
The art is black and white with lots of detail and amazing expresses on the characters’ faces. The characters are based on the Paper, Rock, and Scissors plus more, and for nonhuman characters, they are written and drawn to enhance their humanity.
Within the Scissors Kingdom, there is court intrigue going on. There is also tons of action as the three Kingdoms prepare for war.
The Anvils a seventh Kingdom are one powerful race on this planet Syferion.
This comic is definitely something new and different. It is based on the old game yet here it is a refreshing new take and the creation of the characters something you need to see. This comic brings to life the game and then some.

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