Title: Stargazer (TB)
Publisher: Mad Cave
Writer: Anthony Cleveland
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Colorist: Letterer: Justin Birch
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This trade paperback collects issues one through six.
Kenny and Shae are brother and sister. The story skips between their childhood and them as adults. Now, Kenny has problems dealing with whatever happened to him as a child.
So what is going on with Kenny and UFOs? Are they really coming after him or is this something else? Is it all in his mind? What is going on here?
Shae’s two friends join her now that they are all adults and Kenny well he has disappeared. Hailey and Adriana did promise to help protect Kenny and they are true to their word.
The story at first does move along slowly yet as it progresses it starts moving faster. Then things really start moving as the military shows up followed right away by the aliens.
Now as Shae, Hailey, and Adriana search for Kenny they find the extraordinary. The Sky Mind is a threat and here we see those who are fighting to stop it. Three ordinary girls are put to the test. The fate of Humankind lays in their hands.
This story starts out slow and a bit hard to follow yet it finishes with so much love. Shae and Kenny, sister and brother went through so much. It was their love for each other that got them through it all. This is one hell of an adventure.

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