CCL #531 – September 2020 Solicitations – The Worst Solicitation Of All Time

Collected Comics Library PodcastChris and Andy get right into the September 2020 solicits and some of them may be a bit familiar. The guys also get an email from Billy Hogan of the Superman Fan Podcast, discuss Batman: Devils Advocate, Wonder Woman/Conan TP, Dark Season 3, Marvel Masterworks: Howard The Duck Volume 1 (Variant #300, March 2021), why Pippin and Merry had it worse than Frodo and Sam, and what may be the worst solicitation of all time.

Chris’s Picks:
1. Victor and Nora: A Gotham Love Story TP (DC Comics)
2. Essential Judge Dredd America TP (Rebellion)
3. Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics HC (Dark Horse)
4. Hard Time: The Complete Series TP (DC Comics)
5. Shadowman TP Vol 1 Birth Rites (Valiant)
6. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? TP (DC Comics)
7. Batman Adventures: Nightwing Rising TP (DC Comics)
8. John Carpenter’s Night Terrors Graveyard Moon GN (Storm King Productions)
9. Marvel Comics: The First 80 Years (Titan)
10. Marvel Cosmic Universe by Donny Cates Omnibus HC Vol 1 (Marvel)

Andy’s Picks:
1. Basket Full of Heads HC (DC Comics)
2. Absolute Planetary HC (DC Comics)
3. Battle of Britain 2020 Special HC (Rebellion)
4. Moon Knight Omnibus HC (Marvel)
5. Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist Edition HC (IDW)
6. Best of Archie V1-3 boxed set (Archie)
7. Atlas at War HC (Dead Reckoning)
8. Chasing the Bird, Charlie Parker in California HC (Z2 Comics)
9. Batman: Curse of the White Knight (DC Comics)
10. Batman Knight Out HC (DC Comics)

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