ART’S REVIEWS: PEEK-A-BOO : A New Heritage Universe Novel from Jeff Deischer

In the continuing series in the Heritage Universe Superhero Series, Jeff Deischer gives us an epic that spans time and space in order the save the world from the ultimate punishment of the Egyptian gods.  The conflict is so large that spreads from 1956 thru 1983 and the superhero team known as the Sentinels from these 2 time periods join forces to do battle with an essentially unbeatable foe!  There is lots of action as we see ow the Sentinels roster changes over those 17 yeas and we discover the previously unknown origins of some of our favorite Heritage Universe characters.  This book is just what you need for these Summer nights spent at home!

Also, the kindle version of his previous Heritage Universe novel, WAR! is now out along with the kindle version of the Space Opera/Star trek-style pastiche, The Gates of Heaven!




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