The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 78: Superman Confidential #8

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 78: Superman Confidential #8, penciled by Chris Batista, inked by Cam Smith, written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, lettered by Travis Lanham, and colored by Jason Wright, published by DC Comics in December 2007.

I guess Superman Confidential was the equivalent of Legends of the Dark Knight for the Man of Steel. It featured story arcs by different creative teams. Superman Confidential only lasted 14 issues, but it featured some good material during its short run.

Issues 8-10 saw Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning retelling the events of Superman’s first encounters with Darkseid, Orion and the rest of the New Gods in whatever continuity DC had at the time. I thought DnA did a good job condensing events that took place over several issues of different titles in the original Jack Kirby stories into a concise, effective three issue tale.

Chris Batista & Cam Smith did excellent work with their depictions of Kirby’s Fourth World characters, as well as Superman and his supporting cast, of course. In this scene Clark Kent is at the Daily Planet offices getting coffee for himself and Lois Lane when Jimmy Olsen tells him about the reports of “super-kids” that he’s been hearing. Clark changes into Superman to investigate if these beings have any connection to him, leading to him meeting the Forever People.

I enjoyed this storyline a lot, and when I met Batista at a comic con several years ago I asked him to autograph these issues.

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