Broken Gargoyles returns with Sin and Virtue

The Dieselpunk post-WWI series Broken Gargoyles is returning with covers by NYTimes Best-selling Author and Eisner Award-Winner Francesco Francavilla. Broken Gargoyles: Sin and Virtue is written by Bob Salley and Dr. Christina Blanch, with art by Stan Yak and Robert Nugent.

The comic series is influenced by the historical “Broken Gargoyles;” men who came home from World War 1 facially wounded and emotionally scarred. The times were different then. Employers often wouldn’t hire these men, their wives left them, they turned to alcohol, and many succumbed to suicide.

“The more I read [about the Broken Gargoyles], the more I saw the parallels from their times to ours. The deeper I dug into 1920’s America post WWI, the more I saw the times of a dystopian world, hidden behind the curtain of the Roaring 20’s. As I read books like Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden, I started merging Steinbeck’s world with my own and it wasn’t pretty… at all. But it was honest. So is the world of Broken Gargoyles,” says Salley.

In Broken Gargoyles: Sin and Virtue, Prescott and his men seek out the widow of their fallen brother-in-arms as they find her fighting to keep her farmland, while Manco teams up with an aging US Marshall on her last assignment to capture Ben and the other escaped convicts.

Broken Gargoyles: Sin and Virtue also features art from Mike Lilly and Ken Perry. Salley is joined this time around by Co-Writer Blanch (Tales from the Crypt, the Damnation of Charlie Wormwood) who began her time with Broken Gargoyles as a fan.

“[Broken Gargoyles] changed me. It took me into a world where I did not want to be yet I did not want to leave,” says Blanch.

“This second arc is deep and layered with Christina’s voice and empathy for the characters she came to love in the first arc of Broken Gargoyles,” says Salley.

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novels. Broken Gargoyles: Sin and Virtue #1 is available to pre-order now and will be released Wednesday, June 30. The first volume, Broken Gargoyles: Of Wrath, is available now on

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