Octobriana With Love – 50th Anniversary announcement

David Bowie was going to make a superhero movie about her. 

Billy Idol has a tattoo of her. 

And now, 50 years since her debut, celebrate the return of one of the most enigmatic comic book characters that you’ve never heard of… 

OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE is an all-star, 64-page, full colour softcover graphic novel showcasing several unique takes on the cult underground Russian superhero by an exciting mix of creative talent.

For centuries, immortal warrior woman Octobriana has been the champion of the oppressed. Leading a rag-tag group of freedom fighters, Octobriana travels the dimensional highways in her Wonder Machine, disrupting authoritarian regimes, overturning tyrants… and gate-crashing the best parties!

Just because you’re igniting the spirit of revolution, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wild time doing it. 

The Kickstarter campaign for the book is now live, with each standard physical book pledge to include a temporary tattoo and random retro-style trading card (see picture below).

In OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE, Octobriana and her underground take on a daring rescue mission above the skies of a near future Britain to rescue Lucretia Hussain, a young vlogger destined to be a figurehead for a future revolution. To correct the course of history Octobriana clashes with her ancient nemesis Baba Yaga, leading Octobriana to relive her past and setting the stage for a whole new universe of adventures.

Vikings, World War II, dinosaurs, 1980s TV evangelists, time travel, Billy Idol, a near future Britain and Baba Yaga… strap yourself in for a wild ride across seven off beat tales, showcasing unique takes on Octobriana by an exciting mix of creative talent, including Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn), Marc Laming (Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Boba Fett), N. Steven Harris (X-Force), Nicole Goux (Shadow of the Batgirl), Juni Ba (TMNT), Andrea Towers (Geek Girls Don’t Cry), Stephen Byrne (Wonder Twins), Andy Belanger (Mother Trucker), Simon Fraser (Doctor Who), Vincenzo Riccardi (BRZRKR) and more!

Plus, stunning cover artwork from Marguerite SauvageJoyce Chin and, for the Kickstarter only, Michael Cho.

Check out OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE on Kickstarter now!

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