Best Review Ever! ZEN: HOME

PUBLISHER: Devil’s Due /1First Comics
WRITER: Stephen Stern & Dan Cote
COVER: Dan Cote
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Not many indy comics ever make it to 20 issues. Zen Intergalactic Ninja is one of those rare indy titles with more than 100 comic books to date. In publishing years, Zen is 30, as the first issue appeared in November 1987. But Zen has been searching for his Home Planet for what seems forever. Master Satva had only provided hints to his origin until now. Zen, a genetic experiment deemed a failure, had been rescued by the scientist Teslah and launched into space with the words, “May the Great Creator protect you!”
COMMENTS: It’s the homecoming you have wanted for 30 years! Zen finally returns Home, the planet Baltoon. He arrives just in time to “save” his long lost “mother” Teslah. Upon returning home Zen discovers a long lost nephew and once reunited with his Mother, Zen learns about the fate of his Father, Masur. This is a well-timed origin story of Zen answering the questions he has had about himself for years. If you are new to Zen this is an origin story to let you know who the charter is and what Zen is all about. If you are a long time Zen fan, this is the story you have been waiting for.

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