Best Review Ever! LEGACY

PUBLISHER: Leatherback Labs
WRITER: F. Flobo Boyce
COVER: Joe DeSantos
PRICE: $9.99
SUMMARY: Former archaeologist and celebrity museum curator Dr. Melody Livingston is pulled out of retirement for an adventure of a lifetime. When Melody hears about the existence of a previously thought lost Mesoamerican tribe called the D’gonah, she and her father Jeremiah head deep in the jungles of Mexico to learn the truth. What she soon learns is that sometimes there are things more dangerous than the unknown.
COMMENTS: Just getting into the San Diego ComicCon swag and we have a copy of Legacy. I haven’t heard about Legacy before so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. The story starts in ancient Mexico and runs to the present day. It is a sort of female Indiana Jones adventure. The story is fun and it’s nice to see the twit on the adventure tale with a female lead. All and all a very enjoyable story but the comic is very dialog heavy and the layouts follow the grid format. This was a 64-page OGN and it could have easily been 128 pages by expanding the visuals and providing a more free flowing layout. Having said that, it is still quite enjoyable; if you like Indian Jones and Tomb Raider this is the comic for you.

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