Best Review Ever! ZEN: BOUNTY HUNTER

PUBLISHER: Devil’s Due /1First Comics
WRITER: Stephen Stern
TONES: Bill Jankowski
LETTER: Mark Gallivan
COVER: Bill Maus
EDITOR: Ken F. Levin
PRICE: $9.99
SUMMARY: Follow the new adventures of Zen The Intergalactic Ninja as he has to bring in a bounty while going through some physical changes.
COMMENTS: SSS was a small Canadian publisher who produced Zen: Bounty Hunter #1 and went out of buisness before Zen: Bounty Hunter #2 was printed. However, both issues were available on their website for free at the time, this is the first time the complete story has been in print.
Zen is in pursuit of his latest target, Saldor, a mass murderer who deserves to be dead but must be brought in alive for the information in his head. Zen has a “Holy @##!!” moment. Now if you’re from Earth that is a “Holly Shit!!” moment when he looks in the mirror and discovers he has grown a mouth and nose. Zen consults his robot servant 64–H and Master Satva about this new development and discovers it is a mutation in his DNA. It’s not fully explained why it happend now. As a result, he has to use a life support system to breath now that he has a mouth and nose so he looks almost the same when planet side as he did before he metamorphosized.
Saldor is found on a frontier world complete with deadly Sandcats desipite an epic battle Zen looses his bounty. This is a fun lost tale. Much like “Home” this story fills in piecs of Zen’s history that long time fans will love to see. The art is black and white with tones and Bill Maus does a great rendition of Zen. Highly Recomended.

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