Best Review Ever! PUNCHLINE #6

PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press
WRITER: Bill Williams
ILLUSTRATOR: Matthew Weldon
COLORS: Rosrigo Avilés & Roman Stevens
LETTERS: Bill Williams
EDITOR: Aaron Sparrow
COVER: Matthew Weldon
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Now that Jessie has fired her mentor, what’s next? Will Versema ever fly again? Can her parents get her out of her funk? These questions and more are answered in this issue. Plus, there’s a giant Irish Banshee.
COMMENTS: Jessie McGrath has cut Mel our of her life, so Mel stops by to chat with Jessie’s parents. Mel introduces herself as Melanie Daniels a youth counselor. After some awkward moments, we discover some of Jessie’s weaknesses and Mel gets a robot arm. The art is amazing and the story is moving on nicely. We still don’t know enough about Mel and her history as a superhero.

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