Best Review Ever! PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD #11

pitiful-human-lizard-11-cvr-a-looTITLE: PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD #11
PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Jason Loo
COLORS: Meaghan Carter
LETTERS: Jason Loo
EDITOR: Allison O’Toole
COVER: Jason Loo
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Find out why Mother Wonder is a big deal to the Human-Lizard when the origins of Toronto’s busiest superhero are revealed! Also, introducing the biggest character to hit the Chapterhouse universe, Razma-Foon!
COMMENTS: This continues to be my favorite comic. There is a team up between Mother Wonder and The Pitiful Human-Lizard. Where do they cross paths? In an ice cream parlor as Lucas and Bev with her kids. Their big adventure is they stroll to the park talking about their relationship with Captain Canuck. It’s wonderfully mundane. Even as we discover Mother Wonder was once the Golden Miracle we get the most realistic telling of the most outrageous Origin story. Plus a back up with Toni DeSanto, the All-New, All-Different Human-Lizard just in case there wasn’t enough superhero action in the main story.

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