Best Review Ever! DIE KITTY DIE #3

diekittydie_3_page_02TITLE: DIE KITTY DIE #3
PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Fernando Ruiz & Dan Parent
ILLUSTRATOR: Fernando Ruiz & Dan Parent
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
LETTERS: Rich Koslowski & J. Bone
COVER A: Fernando Ruiz
COVER B: Dan Parent
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: With her publishers out to get her and the possibility of a reboot looming over her head, what will comic book star and real life witch, Kitty Ravencraft, do? Find out in the third chapter of the hit series!
COMMENTS: I reviewed this comic before when it was an Astro Comics Kickstarter. However, this site was hacked and the review was lost.
Die Kitty Die is a story by Archie Comics creators Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz. It is much more like Bewitched than Sabrina. In fact the only comparison to Sabrina would be the Dan and Fernando involvement. The comic is more mature than the average Archie comic. So if you have outgrown classic Archie and not down for the new Riverdale, Die Kitty Die is exactly the right comic for you.
It’s a comic inside a comic. In that the comics focus is Kitty Ravencraft who is the star of a comic in her world and you see both her adventures in and out of the comic in the comic, if that doesn’t confuse you. In the comic, that is in the comic you get a fun campy 70’s superhero adventure and in the comic that isn’t in the Kitty Comics universe the “Real World” for Kitty, the publisher is rebooting Kitty as Katty. At a comic convention Kitty and Katty battle with Kitty cosplaying as the Scarlet Witch. There are both jokes and inside jokes. The entire comic is fun on a lot of different levels. Highly Recommended.

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