Best Review Ever! CAPTAIN CANUCK #11

captaincanuck-no11_page_01TITLE: CAPTAIN CANUCK #11
PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
WRITER: Kalman Andrasofszky
ILLUSTRATOR: Leonard Kirk (layout) Kalman Andrasofszky (finishing)
COLORS: Marco Pagnotta
LETTERS: Andrew Thomas
EDITOR: Tony White
COVER A: Kalman Andrasofszky
COVER B: Phot with Kalman Andrasofszky art
COVER: Andrew Thomas
PRICE: $3.99
SUMMARY: Mr. Gold has been a thorn in Captain Canuck’s side since the beginning, but what if the beginning is a lot further back than Canuck suspects?
COMMENTS: Michael Evans is Northguard? What’s his relationship with Philp Wise? How do they fit together with the new Northguard series. All this and more is revealed in this issue of Captain Canuck. Tom has to deal with his feelings about all of this with some surprising results. I don’t want to ruin anything but this issue had a lot of surprises and sets up the new Chapterverse line. I have no idea what to expect next and can’t wait for issue 12 because the cliffhanger with Tom makes me wonder what happens next. Sadly I don’t even know when issue 12 will come out as the story continues in Northguard, Freelance and Agent of PACT. Tom roll in Captain Canuck will be key to what is coming next, and I can’t wait!

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