Barnstormers #2 preview

Barnstormers #2

(of 5) written by Scott Snyder with art by co-creator Tula Lotay colors by Dee Cunniffe and letters by Richard Starkings

A high-flying adventure romance set at the height of The Roaring Twenties. This Bonnie and Clyde romp brings together writer Scott Snyder and the breath-taking illustrations of Tula Lotay — her longest sequential work to date.

Meet Hawk E. Baron – a pilot fresh from the airfields of the Great War who supports himself by taking civilians for barnstorming joyrides in the sky for a small fee. But Hawk has a secret, and when an impromptu wedding crash turns into an early getaway with Tillie, the would-be-bride, unexpected new bonds form in this thrilling tale of love…and murder.

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