Comics Whenever, Wherever, Forever GlobalComix Brings Top Cow on Board for the Launch of Customizable PDF Collections

GlobalComix launches PDF downloads to maximize digital collections for readers, creators, and publishers

AUG. 25, 2022 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — GlobalComix celebrates 30 years of Top Cow as its inaugural publisher in partnership for the launch of GlobalComix PDF Downloads and Bundles for digital collectors.


With GlobalComix PDF Downloads and Bundles, readers can purchase, collect, and permanently archive high-quality digital comics PDFs for offline viewing on any device and preferred app, regardless of publication deletion or paywall, through direct and unique PDF generation and download. Advanced search filters also allow discovery of new titles that direct support of each creator and publisher, as well as simple checkout selection for individual titles and bundles at a single set price and one-time payment. A searchable list page displays all purchased comics along with links to access a downloadable PDF.
Top Cow has championed titles such as Cyberforce, The Darkness, Witchblade, Tithe, Postal, Sunstone, Fine Print, and Punderworld. Their vast catalog is the first to drop on GlobalComix for digital downloads, making for the perfect partnership in GlobalComix’s continued mission to share comics with everyone, everywhere—now whenever, wherever, and forever.

Top Cow is a name that is immediately recognizable in the comics world. Whether you’ve followed Witchblade or Cyberforce from the start, have lost yourself in the universe of Infinite Dark, or simply believe in the creative teams led by Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri—we’ve all been touched by the power of Top Cow’s storytelling at some point,” said Christopher Carter, CEO and Founder of GlobalComix. “As relative newcomers in the game, GlobalComix is elated to have forged this partnership with such an industry powerhouse. In combination with our own expertise and customer driven approach, we are looking forward to leading the world of digital storytelling in ways that have yet to be seen.”

“Working with Matt Hawkins and the team at Top Cow has already been a world class experience,” said Eric Tapper, Head of Business Development at GlobalComix. “The caliber and reach of their comics nearly goes without saying, and to be able to share their comics with a multi-generational audience of digital readers is the dream of GlobalComix coming true. This partnership represents a big step forward for us as we’re growing not only in terms of the variety of stories we offer, but in the optionality readers have in connecting with their favorite storytellers.”

“We’ve been approached by dozens of start-ups who wanted to get into the digital comics business,” said Top Cow President, Matt Hawkins. “GlobalComix is one of the few that has a real business plan and the strength to carry it off. We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.”

For creators and publishers, content owners can set their own fixed prices and run direct sales of their digital library, with the same industry-leading revenue share percentage from subscriptions for their direct sales. Capabilities include editing and managing all settings including prices for each book, assigning discounts on a per-book basis, and toggling specific sales for individual titles, with a set creation of automatic discounts assigned to individual books or custom bundles of books.
Christopher Carter added, “Meeting creators and readers where they are is one of the core principles of GlobalComix. After speaking with hundreds of people on all sides of the industry, it’s obvious that there’s a whole community who want to be able to own their own digital copy of their favorite works. What truly shines here is the customizability and ease of use that makes directly selling books and supporting creators as smooth as possible. No running around—just easy reading.”

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