On sale next week from Darby Pop

Just in time to put a little “scare” back into your summer…

AUG. 26, 2022 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — What happens when ’80s horror tropes come back to haunt you? Darby Pop Publishing is proud to present, The Very Final Last Girls, a 162-page OGN written by Ignatz Award winner Josh Eiserike (Class of ‘99, Charm City) with art by Z. Crockett and Andres Barrero (Grimm Fairy Tales, Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide: Wendigo), colors by Michael Woods.

For teenager Megan Williams, who has just lost her family to a zombie attack, life as she knows it, is over. Rescued after witnessing unspeakable horrors, she is taken to a secret facility housing a rehab program for girls who survive what is known as “metaphysical phenomena.” Because—news flash—every scary story you’ve ever heard…from werewolves to demons, psychos to slashers… is true. And it’s the government’s job to keep the public in the dark.

But, Megan is not one to play nicely with others, especially when she believes there’s something the agency spooks aren’t telling her about her kid sister. Or the trail of fresh corpses leading right to her door…

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