A digital Silver Age style superhero comic PLUS character and setting concept designs works in progress, and so on, featuring ATOMIC CHIMP.

Who is Atomic Chimp?

Atomic Chimp is an original character based on the animal comics of the Silver Age, like Rex the Wonder Dog and Krypto the Superdog. Except not a dog. A chimp. An Atomic Chimp.

What if there had been three large superhero comic publishing companies since the 1940s? DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Standard Comics (i.e. me). What comics did you miss?

Combining ATOMIC CHIMP with a style fitting the period, this homage to the Silver Age of comics should satisfy the urge for comics like they used to make.

Find out what all the excitement’s about in this action-packed 8-page Silver-Age style comic book! Presented in both a ‘pristine’ and ‘vintage’ version, along with behind the scenes (BTS) material, this PDF is anything but basic.

What is it?

What it says on the tin: An 8-page digital Silver Age superhero comic (PLUS character and setting concept designs, works in progress, and so on), featuring Atomic Chimp.

Will we ever see Atomic Chimp in the modern age? Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Why digital only?

Honestly, because it’s cheaper (no printing or shipping) and faster (than a 24-pager). In the longer term, I would like to run a couple more campaigns like this and then collect the three tales into one anthology comic that would be offered in digital and printed form.

In addition to the Atomic Chimp issue, you can also opt to get a batch of other fun comics with the “Atomic Chimp +++” tier, consisting of:

  • PDF Atomic Chimp #1
  • PDF Sensational 7 #1: Vintage copy. What if Standard Comics had gotten in on the fun in the late ’50s with a new comic and their attempt to jump-start the concept of the superhero team that would come later with DC’s “Justice League”?
  • PDF Power Company #3: Power On! Heroes from the multiverse band together to battle evil. Making comics fun again!
  • PDF Sentinels 8th Issue: Combining my own original characters with updated public domain superheroes, this homage to the Bronze Age of comics should satisfy the urge for comics like they used to make. As the Grim Reaper continues to wrestle with his own internal demons, a mysterious figure arrives at Freedom’s Stronghold. UltraMan and crew continue their Multiversal journey.  Super-villains report to a secretive figure.
  • PDF Steel Wolf/Stray: Smash & Grab: This issue serves as a lead-in to the much-requested STEEL WOLF ongoing series!


Roy Johnson —  I’m a technical professional with a love of superhero comics. I wanted to take on the personal challenge of bringing a traditional superhero comic to life, which resulted in the successful The Sentinels #267. I’ve been continuing the series, and producing other books like this one!

Fish Lee –  Art: A professional artist for over 25 years, Mr. Fish Lee has worked in many fields. He spent many years doing graphic design work on everything from t-shirts and signs to album covers and animation, been a sculptor and a muralist… But has recently turned his efforts back to his first true love, storytelling, and comics.

You can follow him on:

  • Facebook @touretteslife
  • Twitter @mrfishlee
  • Instagram @touretteslife
  • deviant art @mrfishlee

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