Egg-clusive First Customer Pin Redemption Offer Inside — 24 Hours Only!

BAD IDEA is incredibly proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the world famous jewelers at the House of Pabergé. Master jeweler Petrov Karl Pabergé himself will be lending his enormous talents to the creation of a limited series of golden BAD IDEA Pabergé eggs, each of which comes with a surprise in the BAD IDEA tradition hidden inside.

We are honored to be offering these to you, our most loyal fans, the BAD IDEA First Customer Pin holders.

This type of partnership has never before been seen in the world of comics and likely will never be seen again. Not even Marvel or DC with the weight and backing of their multinational conglomerate parent companies has ever been able to pull off a partnership of such stature. If memory serves, the House of Pabergé is famed for creating the series of jeweled Pabergé eggs gifted to the wives and mothers of Russian Tsars every Easter. The mega wealthy, the mega famous and the mega powerful covet Pabergé jewelry…but this Easter, they’ll need a BAD IDEA First Customer Pin to get one, am I right? Don’t say we never do anything for you. Your pals at BAD IDEA promised you the redemptions would get so great, that no one would be able to resist trading them in, and we delivered. Big time.

How did this happen?

Well, it kind of fell in our lap. Turns out, old Pabergé got himself into a bind sending money to a Nigerian prince. He needed a tiny bit of cash to help grease the wheels and move his sizable accounts. He emailed us (must be a fan) and once we saw the name, we were only too happy to help him out in the hopes of starting a relationship. And it all paid off! While we waited for his funds to clear and for him to pay us back we simply asked if he had any interest in making some golden eggs for us. From there, all it took was sending him some more money and boom, the Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg was born!


What exactly is a Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg?

Surely the finest in European jewelry and craftsmanship. Every piece from the House of Pabergé is a globally recognized sign of opulence, and this is sure to follow. The Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg is made from the finest metallic gold plastics, just like we now assume the historical Pabergé Eggs are. It’s amazing what they can make look like metal in pictures. These kinda look like metal too. From far away. They stand at a whopping 2.38″ inches tall and come complete with a hinge to hold the egg closed. Most impressively, each Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg is filled with a surprise in the BAD IDEA tradition.

So without further ado, we present to you:

For those new to the newsletter, BAD IDEA sends every BAD IDEA Destination Store a First Customer Pin tied to select releases. The first customer to purchase the issue the pin is tied to on the day of release is awarded a First Customer Pin. Every so often, we’ll announce an opportunity – could be an item, an experience, a live event or some such accoutrement – that is available exclusively via the expenditure of First Customer Pins. These opportunities will be limited, available for very short periods of time and are exclusively for those BAD IDEA-sters who possess a First Customer Pin. (Aren’t you glad you camped outside your store all night now?)

If you choose to procure one of the incredible opportunities, you must forfeit your First Customer Pin.

Redemption Instructions:
If you have one (1) First Customer Pins, you may redeem one (1) Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg. Limited to one redemption per physical address.

To redeem a Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg and the BAD IDEA surprise it contains, simply send us one First Customer Pin, a check or money order (made out to Cincinnati Kid LLC) for $10 to cover shipping and handling ($19.99 each if you are international) and the following information:

– Full Name
– Full Address (this is where we will send your Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg)
– E-mail address
– Phone number

1216 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11225

All redemptions must be postmarked on or before Monday, April 10th 2023. That’s just over 24 hours.

Please allow up to 6-12 weeks to receive your Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg.

Again, checks and money orders need to be made payable to “Cincinnati Kid LLC”. Any made in error will be rejected. Sender may or may not be notified of the error prior to the redemption deadline.

Be vigilant when providing your contact details. We will not be chasing redemptees if there are errors or omissions. Make sure to provide your full address including your street address, your apartment, suite, unit, building, floor etc., along with your city, state, zip and country.

Remember that obtaining your First Customer Pin exclusive Golden BAD IDEA Pabergé Egg with your First Customer Pin will mean forfeiting the pin and potentially missing out on all the upcoming First Customer Pin opportunities. Unless, of course, you manage to secure a new one!

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