Title: Tuned # 1
Publisher: T Pub
Writer & Creator: Neil Gibson
Illustrator: Aymen Swisy
Colorist: Cris Peter
Letterer & Designer: Saida Temofonte
Price: £ 29 UK, $ 36.00 US, $ 49.OO Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: As this book starts we see a man who comes across as calm while doing something very bad. Is it bad though well depends on how you look at it. This man next visits a mental hospital where things get violent and exciting. One patient does get to have some fun for a short time.
This comic is full of ultra-violence. Yes, people are being killed.
There is a scene with two firemen in a hospital and the one with Mike is a hero. He acts on instinct knowing just what to do to save lives.
Project Coventry was a place where people with special attributes were. Not much at all is said about this place, it is a mystery. There is also another mystery here as a madman is loose and killing. Is it out of revenge?
Eddie another one of these special people does have a special ability. Mike is another one and there are a few others too. Eddie goes to see Frank and he does not look well.
Some people got cool superpowers from Project Coventry but Frank did get an ability, not one that most people would want.
Eddie and Frank do get into one violent battle as Eddie goes all out to beat Frank.
We are shown everything that happened at Project Coventry these six people went through a lot. They are augmented and then finely tuned.
The art has a dark side to it and it does show these soldiers off as men and women who went through a lot. They look like normal people yet have extraordinary abilities. Frank is illustrated as a psycho.
The final battle starts and it’s Frank vs Mike. Mike fights to protect others and Frank for revenge. The fight is a hard-hitting no holds barred one and the art brings this across.
This is a story about creating better soldiers and in trying to do so creating not-so-better humans. People are still people no matter if they have a superpower or not.

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