ART’S REVIEWS: Diana Rubino and I shoot the breeze

Dana Rubino and I had planned to a show discussing hers “Oney:  My escape from Slavery” about Martha Washington’s personal maid who escaped from Mount Vernon, ad “Eliza Jumel Burr: Vicequeen of America” about the wife of Aaron Burr.  Instead we ended up having a wide ranging conversation on so many topics that it is hard to characterize this discussion.  We discussed history, the phenomenon of the play “Hamilton”, Chernow’s biographies of George  Washington and Alexander Hamilton, Diana’s other novels and a WHOLE BUNCH on UFOs.  This was such an interesting discussion that I have decided to just put it out there for the fan’s to enjoy. This is a departure from our tried and true format but I think the fans won’t mind.

Meanwhile, Diana and I are planning to do a show looking at some recent (and not so recent) books on Ufology.  We are both buffs and have read widely on this topic.  We will decide on which books to discuss and set a date for the near future.

Meanwhile, check out some of Diana’s works on Amazon.  The books on Oney and Eliza Burr will likely be out for the summer.  Keep your eyes out for them. They should be fascinating.


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