Best Review Ever! RED RANGE

WRITER: Joe R. Lansdale
COLORS: Jorge Blanco & Jok
LETTERS: Douglas Potter
EDITOR: Richard Klaw & Drew Ford
COVER: Sam Glanzman
PRICE: $19.99
SUMMARY: Set during the 19th century, and combining an unusual mix of racial unrest, oddball characters, and strange happenings, Red Range is a unique take on “The Western.” During a Klan lynching, a mysterious rider appears, and proves to be a deadly shot! It is the Red Mask, a tough, lethal, black man who wisely keeps his identity concealed, especially while battling his enemies. Through a series of events, the Red Mask continues to thwart the violent and hateful actions of the Klan, while picking up an orphan along the way, and teaching him how to turn his hate into something more positive.
COMMENTS: The story is set in the South just after the Civil War. You start out with the Klan, the “N” word, a man’s eyes gauged out with a wooden stick, and castration by fire and that’s just page 1. If that’s not enough page 2 contains rape and the discusion of if it’s ok to rape a black woman not becasue its bad to rape someone but because their racist and she is black. Then all of a sudden, a masked man rides in it’s the Red Mask. The Red Mask is a black version of the Lone Ranger and the story follows his battle with the Klan leader. Sam Glanzman details an extreme amount of violence. Then their is a dinosaure. Yes in the middle of a western with a black lead charater they come face to face with a T-Rex. WTF? This book is intersting, quirky and off beat at times and you will lover it!

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