RICH REVIEWS: Brigands # 1

Title: Brigands # 1
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Writer: Ram V.
Artists: Nick Barber, Alex Diotto, Jason Lewis, ROSH, Kel Nuttall
Cover Artist: Mukesh Singh
Price: $ 17.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book contains bloodwork, blade work, and fast-talking sharp-tongued devils.
This book collects Brigands # 1-5.
Two thieves are ready to pull off a heist. The coach is guarded. On it is the Governor’s Gold. Stilian Blackheart and his partner steal it.
Stilian Blackheart and his partner are also out to steal the Pendulum. Whatever the Pendulum is?
The art is so-so and does not have many good scenes or poses in it. The characters are just there, they are not used well. There is nothing about them to get the reader to want to know more.
The ending scene is supposed to be a cliffhanger but it does not really deliver. You need to care more about the characters for it too.
The art is flat and lifeless. The people, the animals, and the backgrounds all needed to be brought to life more.
Veina and Desault aka Stilian Blackheart are off to free a prisoner from Barren Halls Prison. Only the prison has had a change in wardens.
The bear is not to badly drawn and offers some excitement to this issue.
The story needs to pick up. It is so slow and boring. Plus why do these thieves want to break out Griz? What is their plan? The previous issue is not really connected to this one story wise.
Veina needs to be used more. She is cute. Who is she and why should we care?
Veina, Desault, Griz and some other prisoners are all planning a breakout from the prison.
The art is very basic. It looks flat and emotionless. The faces need more detail in them.
Desault has a plan to get them out. It is a simple plan.
So the three Veina, Desault, Griz make it out of the prison and with Griz joining them continue on their quest. Dav the fake warden sets up for next issue with a hunt for our their thieves.
Poor art and a story that needs character development and action leave this comic in need.
Griz is a simple guy but one who is of good heart. He is big and strong and someone you would want in your corner in a fight. His character is likable.
The Governor and a Guardsman meet a woman the Governor wants to hire her. He wants Stilian Blackheart aka Desault dead. The woman does have a weird look to her. She does not look deadly only strange.
The art is simple and straightforward for the most part. Veina it is hard to tell she is a female in the way she is drawn.
The woman assassin is posed nicely as she prepares to attack Blackheart.
The fight with Blackheart’s companions is a toned down affair. Not much at all to it.
The characters you learn next to nothing about them. So why should you care what happens to them? You do not.
The assassin is the most interesting character in this issue. She though is nonviolent. She joins Blackheart and his group. She might have been better used as a villain. Her weapons are drawn beautifully to show them as deadly.
The illustration of the telescope is well done. More details in the panel would have been nice instead of black shading.
The art in general needs to be less pasty looking. The facial expressions look like the face is melting.
The female assassin she is the best drawn character. Her red dress is gorgeous. Her forehead changes size in the comic when it should not be.
The story does not explain itself. Blackheart gets into a sword fight and it is anti-climatic. A sorcerer uses his powers and he looks lame.
The story ends with a comet in the sky signaling good luck. This is the start of another adventure which is the continuation of this one.

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