FUN WITH LITTLE ARCHIE & FRIENDS SPECIAL #1 features brand-new stories and art and hits stores April 13.

Archie Comics is reviving a fan-favorite series from the archives in a hilarious modern-style reboot this April with the launch of FUN WITH LITTLE ARCHIE AND FRIENDS SPECIAL #1. The one-shot comic updates the “little” versions of Archie Andrews and the Riverdale gang who have thrilled young readers since their debut in 1956 with a star-studded collection of contemporary comics talent. FUN WITH LITTLE ARCHIE & FRIENDS will release the same month as a graphic novel collection of the acclaimed BITE-SIZED ARCHIE web comic series for a double-helping of all-ages fun as only Archie Comics can deliver!

“Little Archie has been an integral part of our publishing history and we wanted to revisit the franchise with modern storytellers and sensibilities,” said Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “Coupled with the first print collection of our extremely popular BITE SIZED ARCHIE web comic, these books are fun jumping-on points for readers of any age, but they’re also part of our larger plans for the continued growth and expansion of the Archie Comics brand.”

The FUN WITH LITTLE ARCHIE & FRIENDS one-shot anthology features contributions by writers Shannon Watters (Lumberjanes), J. Torres (Teen Titans Go!), and Rotante (Betty & Veronica: Vixens) and artists Erin Hunting (The Tooth Fairy Vs Santa), Adrian Ropp (Casper the Friendly Ghost), and Agnes Garbowska (DC Super Hero Girls) in a wild fantasy story that dives into the world of video games and table top adventures. Beyond the usual fan-favorites like Little Archie, Little Jughead, Little Betty & Veronica, and Little Sabrina, an assortment of beloved characters will be making their “Little” debuts including Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topaz, Harper Lodge, and more!

“ARCHIE has been a cornerstone of my comics-loving heart since I was a Little Shannon, and I’m so jazzed to see someone as magnificently talented as Erin bring my hijinks for the gang to glorious four-color life!” said writer Shannon Watters, who makes their Archie Comics debut in this anthology.

J. Torres, no stranger to the Little Archie franchise having just written a story in December’s ARCHIE HOLIDAY MAGIC SPECIAL, adds, “Out of all of the stories I’ve had the privilege of writing for Archie Comics over the years, the Little Archie ones end up being my favorites. I even got to work with the legendary Bob Bolling on one of them! So, when Jamie approached me about this one-shot, I was 100% on board from the jump!”

The anthology will feature vibrant and energetic artwork from artists both familiar and new to Archie Comics fans, including animation veterans Adrian Ropp and Erin Hunting as well as Ringo Award-winning artist Agnes Garbowska. Longtime Archie colorist Matt Herms and letterer Jack Morelli round out the creative team of this all-new special.

“What an incredible experience it is working with Archie Comics!” said artist Erin Hunting. “I feel so connected to the characters, it’s almost like I’ve grown up alongside them since the moment I picked up my first issue as a little kid. To go from cutting out Archie strips in the Sunday morning newspaper to having the opportunity to draw Archie and the gang, it’s like I’ve come full circle!”

The co-release with BITE-SIZED ARCHIE represents an effort by Archie Comics to reach younger readers and expand the brand’s footprint in entertainment beyond the world of print comics, Rotante explains. “There are new and exciting avenues to pursue in the world of child-appropriate entertainment, including animation, and we want to explore the possibilities there by doing what Archie Comics has always done best: incorporating pop culture trends, mixing in a dash of action and adventure with some hints of sci-fi and the supernatural, and–most importantly–delivering a healthy dose of fun and humor as only we can do!”

Get ready for high-octane fun and adventure with LITTLE ARCHIE and his friends from Riverdale! When Little Sabrina meets up with Little Archie, Little Jughead, and Little Betty and Veronica, all kinds of chaos breaks loose and the gang find themselves transported into new, fantastical game world inspired by their favorite hobbies! Watch as they brave the mystical and mysterious realm of Gryphons and Gargoyles, form a big-wheel gang, and attempt to relax in an unexpectedly exciting animal farming video game! Featuring the talents of award-winning Lumberjanes writer Shannon Watters, Little Archie writer J. Torres, and Betty & Veronica: Vixens writer Jamie L. Rotante along with the amazing art team of Erin Hunting, Adrian Ropp, and Agnes Garbowska.
Script: Shannon Watters, J Torres, Jamie L. Rotante
Art: Erin Hunting, Adrian Ropp, Agnes Garbowska, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
CVR A Main Cover: Erin Hunting
CVR B Var: Brittney Williams
On Sale Date: 4/13
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

We hope you’re hungry for laughs! The collection of Archie Comics’ first-ever webcomic series is here! Bite Sized Archie features all your pals and gals from Riverdale (and beyond) while covering everything from video games to pop culture to embarrassing group chats! Complete with exclusive bonus features, character sketches and behind-the-scenes conversations from the creative team, you’ll be absolutely thrilled as we take a deeper look at the comic that’s been delighting Archie fans on social media every week!
Script: Ron Cacace
Art: Vincent Lovallo
Cover: Vincent Lovallo
$12.99 US / $16.99 CAN
6 3/8 x 8”
112 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 4/27

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