8 Netflix Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known When Quarantine Started

We know you enjoy viewing the latest movies and TV episodes on Netflix, especially during quarantine. However, are you getting the most of your subscription? There are simple Netflix hacks you’ll wish you’d known when quarantine started.

To know any or all hacks that can assist you in binge-watching like a champ, Stay with us!

1.      Using a VPN to unblock restricted Netflix content

The Netflix repertoire of movies and TV series differs by region due to territorial licensing. For instance, according to howtowatch.co.nz, US Netflix is restricted in New Zealand. It may be a severe disadvantage for some streamers. However, regardless of where you are currently residing, there is a way for you to see everything on Netflix.

Installing a reliable VPN on your device and using it whenever you want to access a different country’s Netflix collection is one way to achieve it. However, you should know that Netflix prohibits the usage of most free VPNs, so it is better to use the premium VPN.

2.      Find what you want by using category codes

Suppose you keep seeing the same movies and TV episodes on your Netflix homepage. In that case, it’s because the streaming service uses a highly sophisticated algorithm to tailor its recommendations to your preferences. If you’re looking for something different, Netflix divides each film and television show into over 76,000 secret categories.

Category codes can be found on the Netflix URL itself: Each category code is represented by the final four numbers in the URL address. So it will look like: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1365. For instance, if you’re looking for “Horror Movies,” add “2852” to the end of the URL.

3.      For better video quality, get the super Netflix extension

If you use the Google Chrome browser to watch Netflix, try the Super Netflix extension to improve your streaming experience. After installing the extension, you can choose your video streaming quality.

If you want the highest video quality on your Wi-Fi connection at home, or if you want to minimize it on the move to save data, this is the way to go. In addition, Super Netflix may skip TV show intros, improve video brightness and color contrast, and speed up the video.

4.      Add more space to your home screen

Netflix Originals, like American Vandal to Wormwood, are very entertaining and deserve watching. But, unfortunately, you often see such titles on the home screen. So, remove all Netflix Originals from your home screen to access everything else Netflix has to offer.

5.      Skip over every show’s introduction automatically

Are you tired of pressing the “Skip Intro” button on Netflix when you’re watching a show? Netflix Auto Skip is a useful Chrome plugin that automatically skips all intros, so you don’t have to. So instead of clicking using your mouse, you can now spend more time binge-watching The Crown.

6.      Watch in full HD for the best experience

Web browsers like Firefox and Chrome have several useful add-ons and extensions. However, these are not the greatest option for watching Netflix in the highest possible quality HD.

Firefox, Chrome, and Opera provide 720-pixel streaming resolution, while Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers give Netflix at full 1080-pixel quality. It’s also crucial to think about your Wi-Fi connection. For HD resolution, Netflix recommends a download speed of at least 5.0 megabits per second.

7.      Turn on audio descriptions to make sure you do not miss anything

Suppose you can’t keep your eyes on a TV or mobile device but still want to watch Netflix. In that case, a helpful category called “Audio Description” provides a voiceover explaining what the characters are doing on screen. This function effectively converts your favorites Jupiter Legacy, a new miniseries, into an audiobook or podcast.

It’s mostly visible on Netflix originals, but it’s ideal for anyone who wants to watch the latest episode of your favorite series while walking through the park.

8.      Organize a Netflix Party

Do you want to watch Fractured with your friends, but they live across the country? Don’t worry. The Netflix Party is here to help! It’s a useful extension by Chrome that lets you watch Netflix with anyone, even if you’re not in the same place, city, or county.

You can make a shareable link of what’s on Netflix after installing the extension. The connection will take you to the movie or TV show, allowing you to watch simultaneously and in perfect rhythm. Even its group chat feature will enable you to discuss what’s going on the screen.


Sometimes it becomes hard to find your favorite show on Netflix. The article above lets you know about the Netflix hack that will help you to find your favorite stuff, improve your Netflix experience and allow you to spend your quarantine watching your favorite show.

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