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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Aquaman: The Becoming # 1
Batman # 113
Batman: The Adventure Continues Season Two # 4
The Death of Doctor Strange # 1
Fantastic Four # 36
The Flash # 774
Frontiersman # 1
Impossible Jane # 1
King Spawn # 2
Looney Tunes # 262
Marvel Action Spider-Man # 5
Moon Knight # 3
Radiant Black # 8
Shazam # 3
Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads # 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin # 4
The United States of Captain America # 4
X-Men # 3

Batman # 113– Action and drama take up most of this issue to great fanfare and I really enjoyed the connection between Ghost-Maker and Scarecrow that will no doubt make an impact in this arc, but I really am a huge fan of what James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez are bringing to the table because each issue is an absolute hit and continues to elevate the storytelling into something epic, so since “Joker War” was a titanic story, Fear State will definitely be another crown jewel for the Tynion/Jimenez team.

The Death of Doctor Strange # 1– Okay, so when this was first announced it didn’t have that huge momentum nor did it get people racing to their LCS to reserve a copy, but after reading this ….it’s really good. It starts off as a typical “A day in the life” story but things quickly turn tragic; Jed MacKay is without a doubt the new Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel (Due to the assignments he gets) as he takes a storyline to energize it with such powerful energy, and Lee Garbett’s art is stunning, to say the least mainly because he brings such passion and excitement with every page. The Death of Doctor Strange may not be as grand as “The Death of Spider-Man” in the Ultimate universe back in 2011 but could be amazing if the pacing of the story isn’t erratic but gives much space to tell a great story.

Frontiersman # 1– This new series takes the Dennis O’Neil/Neal Adams-era Green Arrow and modernizes it for a new generation of comic book fans as a hero named Frontiersman who gets brought out of retirement by an environmentalist group that brings out many of his old enemies. I felt like this series is a breath of fresh air and helps Image in terms of introducing new superheroes that the reards can get behind. Frontiersman is like a more heroic yet less comical version of “Shirtless Bear-Fighter” but at its heart, is still a great read for anyone independent comic fan who loves superheroes.

Impossible Jones # 1– What happens when a criminal accidentally becomes a superhero……but doesn’t want to give up her criminal ways?! Impossible Jones provides the answer to that; A very fun romp that will be enjoyed by anyone. Karl Kesel (of Adventures of Superman, Daredevil and Fantastic Four fame) once again shows what a terrific storyteller he is by taking a concept like this by making it brilliant, as it reminds me so much of his classic run on “Harley Quinn”; David Hahn’s art brings to mind some of the great feelings from the Silver Age era and brings such spectacular detail on every page. If you love indy comics with flair with a dynamic tone, then Impossible Jones is the comic for you.

Looney Tunes # 262– This issue devotes three stories to Stupor Duck from the classic 1956 short that parodied Superman. These three stories bring such fond memories of the short and might I add, are completely hilarious from beginning to end; From Cluck Trent getting fired from his staff job as a reporter to helping Porky Pig get a quarter that’s stuck in a washing machine to trying his best to defeat Gruesome Gorilla (Remember, he did “try his best”); This issue of Looney Tunes is a definite must-have for anyone who either loves the Silver Age Superman or the classic Looney Tunes short from the 1950s.

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