Well …

I’m a Witch, BUT in Art and Science – I don’t walk a Wiccan path…

I experience Holidays in a very unbiased child-like way since I never really had a religious bone in my body.

I see the Magick in each day and that Magick does change with the seasons.

Me- I wish we’d all keeps our lights twinkling way past Yule, Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, all the way till the days when the sun returns and we need them no longer.

And that is part of the Magick of Yule. WE need to keep the light of the sun glowing in our hearts, minds
and in acts of kindness. WE need to see how, in the frosty regions, that the ice & snow shine with more than a cold light.

We sing cheerful songs and bake colorful cookies and watch movies about miracles.

For this Yule season, I wish you all the Magick of John Denver singing with the Muppets & Snowmen coming to life!

For even during the darkest days we can beam like the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Merry Yule & Happy Hexmas!
Holly G!

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