Writing tips and techniques for your college essay

Every year colleges receive thousands of applications from students all over the country and even from abroad. Usually, there is a graded system in which applicants are selected, but other criteria utilized by these schools is essay writing.

 Many colleges utilize this essay writing as a tool to learn from the prospective student the kind of person he or she is. 

Writing a college essay is an opportunity for you as an applicant to reach beyond what your grades or credentials can do and you may wonder how all this helps but picture a scenario where two or more students are tied by grades, a powerful essay might just be what gives you that edge and lands you the success that you need.

Let us look at a few techniques that can be used to write an unforgettable college essay.


Start early

The saying goes: failure to prepare is preparing to fail. When you want to start, give yourself enough time to prepare. You cannot start to write an essay three days to the deadline and expect all to go well.

 You should start preparation at least a week to the deadline or even more. This way you are able to go about writing your essay without feeling rushed which in turn leads to an overall better and cleaner work. If you are truly pressed for time you can go online and buy a research paper.


Do research and get the best ideas for your topic

It is good practice to gather reliable information before you get started on your essay. Spend a reasonable amount learning as much as you can about the topic at hand, be it one chosen by you or doled out by the admission board. Whatever the case you must not go in ill-prepared, knowledge is power.


Grab the reader’s attention

Yes, grab hold of it and do not let go. Naturally, people often decide whether to read a book or not by its first few lines. 

Sometimes you may have decided not to read a book but you suddenly get compelled by its first line and before you know it you’re hooked. This is what you must aim for with your introduction.

Begin strong, your introduction is key to making sure the reader wants to keep reading your essay. Do not beat around the bush, instead get right to the meat of it, what your topic is about, and give the audience an idea of what is to come.


Get into the details

When writing the body of the essay remember that you have a topic that you are writing about, get right into it. Layout your experiences personal or academic and back them up with facts. This will set you apart.

 Be specific when talking about a subject matter and explain in-depth, do not assume that the reader already knows what you are talking about or what you referring to, no, they don’t, so take time and make sure your message gets delivered clearly.


Write like you speak

You might think because it is an essay you have to use fancy words that you would not normally use in an effort to impress the audience. This has more often than not backfired as it will lead to a lack of expression and the audience can see that it is forced. It is advisable to read your essay aloud as you write so that you can detect when you are no longer expressing yourself as you would wish to.


Be authentic

Remember that this essay is all about you, do not be afraid to get a little personal. Allow the reader to get to know you personally.

 Channel passion into your writing and see that your personality will shine through. Try writing about what you really care about, what you value and this will truly impress your audience. This, of course, is one of the disadvantages when you buy research paper, it will lack that personal touch that comes with writing the essay yourself.


Take a break

Writing an essay can be gruesome work. Spending hours on hours drafting a perfect essay can be counterproductive and in the end, your work may come off as rushed, or forced. Take a walk outside, or relax with a drink and come back after a while with your mind fully refreshed and raring to go. You will see that new ideas will come more easily.



After creating your essay it is essential to go over it in search of mistakes. Even when you buy a research paper it is imperative that you proofread it in an effort to make sure it suits your needs and is capable of guaranteeing success.

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