Writing Of A Comic Book Script: What Are The Best Tips For It?

Writing books is something that can’t stop impressing us and tickling our imagination nowadays. It is one of the first skills that human civilization managed to develop along with speaking and reading. We are all witnesses how even in older times people always found some way to write down valuable data that mark our history. Since then, writing has become an important part of our lives and something that many individuals gladly do for a living. Like everything else, it has grown to a much higher level today. From simple pieces of paper written with a spot of ink, we achieved to print books and publish them to allow others to educate and learn through reading. Alongside it, many genres of writing are born. Now, we will be focusing particularly on comic ones and their scripts. Without one, a book wouldn’t be possible to write. So, let’s see what tips we have for you related to writing such scripts.


BetterWritingServices is a website that allows you to read rankings and reviews about the best essay writing services in the world. In a contemporary world, essays represent an important piece of writers’ careers and also students. But what does it matter? Well, the point is that all of them have some outlines written before receiving a full form. And books shouldn’t be an exception at any cost. Humour is often characterized as significant virtue, which is only one reason for comics’ success. Therefore, before trying to write a comic book script, make sure to create an excellent outline. It is something that has a little bit bigger value for comic books than any other else. Do you wonder why? The answer lies in scripts’ precedence by an outline of the plot, which is frequently seen in comic books. Outlines are often considered a jewel for writing almost any writing sample. It allows you to write freely with a higher level of organization and structuring the script. This part should be usually written before you start with the comic book. One additional tip we can give you is to try to design some emotional patterns for your main characters. This way you will be able to create their personalities with ease. So, if you create a strong outline, you will make your script much easier to complete.

Don’t Exaggerate With Descriptions

Illustration by Raúl Gil for Reedsy’s How to Make a Comic Book

To create an astonishing script for their comic books, writers can often go over the line and exaggerate with their descriptions. Of course, they are doing it unconsciously and with the best possible intentions. But the truth is that it can lead them from the shine to an abyss. Having too much of anything is something that people generally don’t strive for. Naturally, we all want to make enough earnings to make our lives decent and that’s why we work and put a lot of effort into achieving success. However, exaggerating with many different things will not bring anything positive. Let’s see our point through some examples. Imagine that you are having 20 of the most expensive cars in your garage. Will you be able to ride them all at once? No, right? Well, it is the same with creating descriptions for comic book scripts. So, it would be beneficial if you remember this suggestion somewhere deep in your mind. Simplicity is sometimes much better than being too creative. If you learn this, writing the script will be of the highest quality.

Pay Attention To Harmony

The writing of a comic book script should have some order and harmony. Many writers get carried away by their thoughts from time to time. When this is a situation, they get into the details so deeply that they abandon their principles and forget to finish some description. As a result, we can see one description that is written on the second page, for example, to get finished in 5th or 6th. And this is what you must avoid. Harmony represents an important factor in the scripts of comic books. It allows readers to read the text chronologically and pass from one thing to another without noticing it. They get the feeling like they are flowing across the river or a sea without a single wave. And that’s what you should try to reach too.

Look At The Number Of Panels

Another thing that will be useful to remember for you is constantly looking at the number of panels. As previously stated, exaggeration will probably cause negative effects on your script, which is definitely something you wouldn’t like. So, you should be well instructed in those details. When it comes to panels, a common number of them is 5-9 per page. And it will be necessary to stick somewhere within this range. If you are wondering why you should pay attention to the panels, hopefully, it will be all clear after the next information we have prepared for you. Namely, creating many panels will get the space narrowed for each of them, and vice versa. If you put 5 for a page, which is normal, they will have enough transparency and good-looking.


Like in all types of writing, spelling is a thing that must be perfected. While you are writing a comic book script, you must look after it. What do we mean? Well, the point is that you must find a balance and perfect time when you will use small letters, captions, or boldfaces. You can find some samples from the past when writers were using all caps for emphasized parts in the script. It is not recommended and instead, it will be better if you fit them perfectly and know exactly when to write caps, low letters, or captions.


Comic books have always been fun to read, especially for younger populations. With the use of technology we possess today, writers of the present can implement many factors and learn much quicker. Be among them. If a script is written correctly, the rest will be a total success. Don’t have doubts about that even for a second.

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