Writing as an occupation started to attract people more than in the past. Keeping this in mind, comic stories are the ones that have progressed well recently. Although there are many types of stories that writers like to write (even if they write it using best essay writing service reviews), we will be focusing on comics. Presumably, a lot of inexperienced writers like comic stories but they don’t know the right way to express themselves. But don’t worry, we are here to help you and provide you with a useful guide on how to write it. So, let’s see what you should be paying attention to while writing your comic story.

Have A Good Sense Of Humour

Comic stories are always overwhelmed with the humor and humoristic approach of the author. Therefore, it cannot be imagined without possessing a good sense of it. These are the stories that are represented through numerous creative drawings and images. Also, it is often the case that cartoons are playing a significant role in the comics too. That’s why the first thing you will need is humor. Creative and imaginative minds frequently have the ability to make others laugh in multiple ways. Truth be told, it is an important piece of a puzzle that we call life, isn’t it? From time to time, we all like to have a little fun and get smiles on our faces. Comic stories can help us about it and make our bellies hurt from laughing. If an author doesn’t have any sense of humor at all, he will not be able to express his ideas related to fun generally. That’s why it would be much beneficial if you have it inside you, at least in pieces.

Try To Discover The Story That Can Be Easily Visualized

As previously mentioned, pictures and visual displays play a big role in comics. Typically, every comic story is represented through the images that show characters’ dialogues and are cohesive. The interaction of the characters that authors often strive to is necessary as it gives the readers a sense like they are listening to someones’ funny discussions. A visual display is something truly important for every successful comic book or story. So, if you want to write one, you must pay attention to it and try to discover the story that you can visualize without any difficulties. By managing it, you are allowing yourself to commit more to the characters and construction of their personalities, not just appearance. The drawings in the comic stories are usually in color, so if it possesses a hilarious and strange look, it will persuade the reader to start laughing instantly. And that is the point of writing such a story, right? If the characters have a ridiculous appearance, your audience will get a quality first impression of you as a complete author, not just as a writer. That can boost your motivation to move on and create more similar stories for them.

Be Imaginative With Your Creation Of The Characters

Speaking of the comic stories, its characters are probably the ones that leave the biggest mark on the audience. If you succeeded in making their looks, you should focus on their personalities next. A character should be a perfect balance of humoristic appearance and characteristics. That is the reason why you must work on their profiles too. People will be imagining them as persons and not as simple drawings or cartoons. You must be aware of the importance that the characters’ profiles can have for your story. Just be creative and expand your limits of imagination. Our thoughts have no boundaries and nothing can stop you from dreaming or fancy some unique stuff. Additionally, some of the readers can identify themselves with some character. That is the reason why many children find their role models in them. They don’t realize that they are imagined characters that don’t truly exist. That’s how influential your characters can become. Imagine how famous the likes of “Rick & Morty”, or “The Ren & Stimpy” have become and follow the example of their authors, for instance.

Emphasize Emotions

Another useful tip that our guide can provide you will be associated with the emotions, especially the strongest ones. As people often identify with the characters, it will be of great value if you emphasize the strongest emotions in your story. The characters are represented like they are talking to each other and that’s why they need some sort of emotion to support their personalities. But don’t use random emotions as people will not respond to each of them. Instead, focus on the strong feelings only that can awake an emotion in the reader. For example, love, hate, good, or evil. Those are typical feelings that the audience would like to see and react positively. So, make sure not to forget to use some of them in your comic story.

Give The Priority To The Characters And Let Them Be Dynamic

Perhaps it will be hard in the beginning, but you must let the characters make the final word and give them a lead. In the end, you are not writing your personal memoir, but a comic story whose characters are the priority. They are leading the race in every comic story so commit to them as much as you can. Furthermore, it won’t be good if you create them to behave the same throughout the whole story. Like in reality, people make mistakes so let them sometimes do the same. Dynamism will give the audience a totally different perspective of the characters, but also your level as a creator. Create them in a dynamic way. Changes in their behavior and reactions will make people read a whole story in search of the outcome. Uncertainty is something that keeps people hooked to the story, so give them some significance.


Comic stories don’t only exist to make children laugh. A lot of grown people can equally enjoy it if it possesses enough quality. Hopefully, our guide can be helpful for you so, someday, you can create such a story and bring tears of joy to your parents and loved ones. If you follow our suggestions, success is inevitable!

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Writing as an occupation started to attract people more than in the past. Keeping this in mind, comic stories are the ones that have progressed well recently. Although there are many types of stories that writers like to write (even if they write it using best essay writing service...