Best DC Comics To Read If You Love Poetry

Children are our biggest treasure in the world which has to be preserved for the future. It is often the case that people consider a period of being a child the most interesting one. And they have the right reason for it. When you are still a child, all you care about is getting tasty food, playing with the toys, and making fun with friends. It is simply a careless life without any obligations that we all have to pass through. There are many different ways how children can have fun. Some of them used to listen to fairy tales for a goodnight while others spend more time playing with the ball or any other toy. However, some kids enjoy listening and reading to DC comics. So, if you are a fan of poetry and love DC Comics, this article is the right one for you. Now, let’s see what are the best ones that children should be reading to.


The Essential Calvin And Hobbes: A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury

There are many interesting DC Comics that are available to the young ones today. In times when we have almost everything at our fingertips thanks to the internet connection, we can choose any comic we want and read it to the kids.

The majority of artworks in the area of comics are created by Warner Bros Company and DC Comics Incorporation which is one of the oldest comic books in the entire USA. They have achieved the highest success making some of the funniest comics ever. “The Essential Calvin And Hobbes” is one among them. It is designed by Bill Watterson who created a total of 19 books on Calvin and Hobbes’ relationship. Also, it was published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in September 1988.

This part of a whole collection is kind of a mixture between the first two parts combined – “Calvin And Hobbes” and “Something Under The Bed Are Drooling”. The plot of this book is focused on Calvin who should be eating a plateful of green gunk which suddenly comes to life and recites the first couple of lines of the famous Hamlet’s proverb: “To be, or not to be”. Some of the most interesting scenes to the kids is probably the one that comes right after this one. It is about gunk breaking into a song before the main character Calvin ate it quickly.


Tom King’s Batman

After Tom King abandoned his role as the officer, he became an American author and comic book writer. He has done many successful comic books for the kids but one of the most popular among the young ones is “Batman”.

The work of Tom King has been proved with many innovations included which he implemented into this DC comic book. Of course, this book presents Batman as its protagonist and the main character. A comic writer of this book has started it after releasing a new relaunch of the entire line of titles called DC Rebirth in 2016.

The kids like this comic book because it provides a dialogue between Penguin and Alfred, some of the characters in the book. It is written mostly as spoken-word poetry with a particular rhythm which makes it so funny to read. This rhythm is presented in the form of repeating phrases that are often changing their meaning. Some of the best examples of this you can see when Catwoman and Batman making fun of each other repeatedly.


The Sandman

One of the best DC Comics that include a lot of different genres at the same place such as science-fiction, horror, space and time, even religion. This book is written by an American comic book writer Neil Gaiman. Those horror and religious parts of the book are related to a character called “Lucifer” who is represented as pure evil. However, the main character is quite the opposite. He is called “Dream”, or “Morpheus”, and besides Death, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Delirium, he is one of the “7 Endless”. The author of this comic book represented some anthropomorphic personification which is one of his trademarks. Also, he managed to mix up horror, mythology, and history particles in one artwork. This book is producing a very good lesson for the kids that can be beneficial to them when they grow up. This can be seen in the capturing of the main character, Dream, who learned that changing is sometimes unavoidable. If you want to know what are the other’s thoughts about this book, you can check out on writepaperforme reviews.


V For Vendetta

When it comes to “V for Vendetta”, probably the first association would be a movie called just the same. But, the movie wouldn’t possibly come into existence without this book written by Alan Moore, and illustrated by David Lloyd (British comic artist). Although this book is not written for a DC Universe, it belongs to a DC property. The main idea of this comic book is a political investigation of 2 opponent-side ideologies, anarchism and fascism. It started as a black and white ongoing serial but it has been transformed lately into a ten-issue limited series that was published by DC Comics. What is probably interesting to the kids about this book is that it possesses many poetic references. Probably the most popular one among them is a poem: “Remember, remember, the 5th of November”. You should know that this comic book encountered a lot of positive reviews online and is one of the most recommendable ones by some experts.



Reading comic books can be truly fun for the kids. If we put it aside, those books can also be of great importance for the kids growing and developing as a person. Despite being created to make children laugh, some of them are hiding crucial lessons that kids should be learning from. Unfortunately, our list is too short to state all the best comic books but we tried to single out some of the most popular ones. If you have kids and don’t know which comic books to read to them, try some from the list above.

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