Williamson & Bressan’s DARK RIDE Reveals Superstar Variant Covers  The Birthright Team Reunites for New Amusement Park Horror Series Launching October 2022 

LOS ANGELES 08/25/2022 — Skybound today revealed an exciting variant cover lineup for Dark Ride #1, the debut issue of the highly anticipated new horror comic book series from the visionary Birthright team of Joshua Williamson (Batman, Dark Crisis) and Andrei Bressan (Justice League Incarnate) that takes place at The Scariest Place on Earth. Dark Ride #1 will arrive in comic book shops October 5, 2022.


In addition to the dazzling main cover by Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas, Dark Ride #1 boasts an impressive cover lineup that kicks off a variant cover program continuing through all four issues of Dark Ride’s first arc. The Cover B variant spotlights park mascot Danny D. Evil, with issue #1 cover by Martín Morazzo (Ice Cream Man) and Adriano Lucas, while Cover C showcases Devil Land’s resident femme fatale and horror aficionado, Halloween, with the first four issues’ cover art by Sweeney Boo (Over My Dead Body).


“The world of DARK RIDE has so much to offer and so many great characters, we had to find a way to showcase more of this hellishly awesome world Josh and Andrei created!” said series editor, Amanda LaFranco. “And there’s been no better way to do that than have our incredible variant artists explore all parts of the park and its dark history – from Devil Land mascots Danny D. Evil, Old Nick, and The Fun, to Halloween. Martín’s eerie work on Ice Cream Man works just perfectly for his cover featuring the maybe-not-so-innocent Danny D. Evil, and Sweeney knows exactly how to capture Halloween’s non-nonsense personality – over her four covers we’ll see Halloween is not to be messed with!”


Devil Land has been the world’s premiere horror-themed amusement park for over 50 years, home to the scariest ride ever created – The Devil’s Due. But when lifelong fan Owen Seasons begins his first day on the job, he will discover the true horrors happening behind the scenes, the truth about the park’s reclusive creator Arthur Dante and that the job of his dreams might just be a living nightmare.


Dark Ride #1 will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.


The list of covers is below:

  • Dark Ride #1 CVR A by Bressan & Lucas (Diamond Code MAY228047)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR B (Danny D. Evil Mascot Variant) by Morazzo & Lucas (MAY228048)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR C (Halloween Character Spotlight Variant) by Boo (AUG220022)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR D 1:25 INCV (Classic Homage Poster Cover) by Forstner & Fleecs (AUG22023)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR E Blank Sketch Cover (JUL228078)

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