WHO’S BETTER? Hulk Hogan vs. Roman Reigns

Deciding who’s “better” between Hulk Hogan and Roman Reigns is a complex question with no easy answer, as they both come from different eras and have their own unique strengths. Here’s a breakdown to help you form your own opinion:

Hulk Hogan:

  • Cultural Icon: Hogan’s Hulkamania phenomenon transcended wrestling in the 80s, making him a household name and mainstream pop culture icon. He helped bring wrestling to wider audiences and paved the way for the industry’s success.
  • Babyface Powerhouse: Hogan represented the classic American hero archetypal: strong, charismatic, and always fighting for good. His comebacks, leg drops, and “brotherhood” message resonated deeply with fans of all ages.
  • Longevity and Impact: Hogan’s career spans decades, with multiple championship reigns and iconic moments etched in wrestling history. He remains a beloved figure and continues to draw excitement even in his later appearances.



Roman Reigns:

  • In-ring prowess: Reigns is a technically skilled and powerful wrestler, praised for his athleticism, storytelling ability, and diverse arsenal of moves. He’s had phenomenal matches against various opponents and continues to evolve as a performer.
  • Complex character: Reigns has transitioned from a fan favorite underdog to a dominant “Tribal Chief” heel, showcasing versatility and depth in his character work. He evokes strong reactions from fans, both positive and negative, demonstrating his undeniable presence.
  • Modern era dominance: Reigns’ current reign as Universal Champion is historic, exceeding Hogan’s record, and he remains a cornerstone of WWE’s programming. He represents the current landscape of wrestling and its challenges in a changing media environment.


Ultimately, deciding who’s “better” depends on what you value more in a wrestler:

  • Cultural impact and influence: If you prioritize wrestling’s broader cultural impact and Hogan’s role in its mainstream success, he might be your pick.
  • In-ring skill and character complexity: If you focus on technical wrestling performance and dynamic character development, Reigns might appeal to you more.
  • Historical significance and legacy: If you consider their championship reigns, longevity, and contributions to wrestling history, both wrestlers have strong arguments.

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